Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Hump-Day!

Don't worry, this post doesn't need to be censored!
Tonight I cooked a very large dinner consisting of Beef Bourginon (Beef burgandy). Now, I am not very good at taking pictures of food but here is the beef simmering in a sauce of Chianti, Beef Stock, Tomato paste and seasonings. Also, pearl onions, carrots, bacon, and mushrooms!
(maybe i should have taken a picture of it on the plates...)
I also served a big salad. I tried the new Kraft Balsamic dressing made with olive oil. It was YUMMY!I got home today and started picking up around the house and decided to put out some fall decor. (see the pumpkin on the table above?)Last but NOT least... Puppy Dress Rehearsal!
Here is Miss Lola Tinkerbell! Or as she is called around the house- Tinkerbean!! And where would Tinkerbell be without her best buddy, Peter Pan??
This is the only one we got of them together (you can see my feet behind them!) but I will get more at the party at daycare.

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