Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Birthday Dinner

(Warning, Lots of pictures!)
Last night was my birthday dinner at La Vista. My real birthday is on Tuesday but I figured more people would want to go out on a Saturday than a Tuesday. I was so extremely excited and honored at how many people were there to celebrate with me! Even my boss, Alyse, came and she is newly pregnant and not feeling very well!
In all we had 13 people. I didn't get a picture of everyone, but I tried!
Tony and LuluTony is my co-worker and Lulu is his girlfriend (but I hear a ring is in the works!)
Jimmy, Kyla, and David:Jimmy works in our office as our Office manager, Kyla is our newest Designer addition fresh out of SFA! And David is Alyse's husband (she is next to him but didn't want a picture!)
Donald and Don:

Donald is my famous best friend, and Don is his new boyfriend, and we really really like him! Alot!
Also there, Jen and Dave, always the life of the party!And last, but not least, lee and me!
I had already had a few glasses of wine at this point!
Here is a picture of my haul:See the TV? That is from Lee! ATT is coming today to install a box so I can watch tv in my kitchen! I have missed that. I used to hang out after work with my tv on while I made dinner and read the mail. Donald and Don got me the wonderful cook book and a schnauzer necklace. Coby and Jimmy got me the mixed colored Latte Bowls, Jen and Dave got the all red (6) latte bowls, Tony and Lulu got the pasta machine and large measuring cup, Kyla knows I love the Starbucks and got me a gift card and Jimmy got me a schnauzer t-shirt and apron!! I was not expecting all this at all!!

Poor lee, yesterday playing frisbee golf, he pulled his lower back and now is barely getting around the house. We are testing the limits of our ice maker for sure, making him ice packs. I am making a bundt cake and marinating some chicken. Today is a low-key, football watching day for sure.
I hope the ATT guy comes soon!

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