Friday, October 3, 2008

Rag-Top Day

Man o Man. Today is a day where I wish so badly that we had gotten an convertible Mini! The sky is free of clouds. The air is crisp and not humid. The sun is bright but not glaring. GREAT DAY!
This weekend lee and I plan on taking advantage of such weather and playing frisbee golf. He played yesterday and he now is obsessed, as he tends to be. So off we go to play in the park. I wish we could take the pups, but that doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do. Which is why i want bikes! We could get that carrier attachment that is this little mesh cart looking thing that they can ride in and be safe and get to be outside while we bike them around.
That takes money.

We have zero plans this weekend. I want to sleep in tomorrow if I can.

I made the best/easiest/most satisfying thing ever for dinner. I sauteed chicken (cut into small pieces) in a skillet with olive oil and shallot, a little pepper and garlic powder. I boiled whole wheat penne and then tossed it with basil pesto. Add it all together and it was just earthy and satisfying. YUM!

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