Sunday, October 5, 2008

Looking forward...

Today was our first Sunday back in the house since the Hurricane. I ran to the store this morning (i know!) to get more stuff for today's football day. I made 6 layer dip (no one around here likes olives!), lee made HOT chicken wings, and we watched 6-7 straight hours of football. I need to count how many beers were consumed between the 3 guys. Kyla came over and we just watched and laughed. I also made Chocolate Chip Cookies - which I love to do on Sunday. I smiled as I put them away in Halloween baggies...

This week looks to be a busy one.

Monday: Free passes to pre-screen the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I have to figure out how to fit dinner into that equation because eating at the movie theatre... no bueno.
Tuesday: Just me and Lee. I will be making Edamame and a steak stir fry.
Wednesday: Jenn and Dave come over with Tashi for dinner. I am making mozzarella-stuffed-meatballs, tomato basil sauce, roastes Broccolini, and smashed peppery-cheesy potatoes. And mini chocolate cakes too.
Thursday:Dinner at Donald and Jimmy's.
Friday: We usually leave Friday's up in the air, we like to go out, or I may cook something.
Weekend: NOTHING!

Last night was active in our 'hood. 5-7 cop cars showed up at the Biker guy's house and arrested him. We are still fuzzy on why they showed up (we think yard nazi called) but took him away because he was on Felony probation (selling weed) and was in possession of firearms, etc. We don't know if we will ever see him again. We will miss the Harley guys for sure!

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