Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A day in the life of me.

6:30am - Alarm goes off. Lee turns it off, I grumble and hide in the covers.
6:45am - Repeat above.
6:50am - Lee starts telling me I need to get up. Lola starts grunting and rubbing her face, acting just like I do because we don't want to get up yet!
7:20am - Pour coffee into travel mugs. Start making our way into the living room to gather bags (purse, work out bag, shoes, keys...)
7:30am - Out the door. Did we leave a check for the lawn guy? Did we remember that paper for the person?
8:00am - I arrive in my parking garage at work. I only live 8 miles away. At least I have talk radio and coffee for entertainment.
8:05am - Greet Jimmy, talk for 10 minutes.
8:15am - Sit down at computer and hit these buttons: AIM, Outlook, GoogleTalk, Mozilla.
8:40am - Finish reading websites (Blogger, Dogster, MySpace, HoustonIst,, and MSNBC)
8:45am - Start answering emails (if they were emergency, I wouldn't wait 30 min to answer.), checking voicemail, digging into my to do list (made before I left the previous day)
9:00am - start asking everyone where we are going for lunch.
9:00-10:30am - Chat through IM and Email with peeps (while working. I am an amazing multi-tasker)
10:30am - start complaining that I am so hungry I will die soon.
10:59am - Start making my way to the front desk so we can all leave for lunch. It's like hearding kittens into a box.
12:15pm - back from lunch. Time to stare out the window in a food coma.
1:00pm - Start complaining that I ate too much and may die soon.
1:00-3:00pm - Chat through IM and Email with peeps
3:00pm - Begin thinking about going home.
4:30pm - Leave work. Probably forgot coffee mug on desk.
5:00pm - Home! Let screaming dogs outside, change immediately into non-work clothes.
5:10pm - Watch Ellen and/or Rachael Ray recorded from that day.
6:00pm - Start dinner.
6:30pm - Lee arrives home. Dinner almost ready usually.
7:00pm - Eat dinner. Complain that there is not a tv in the kitchen.
9:00pm - Start thinking about going to bed to watch tv.
10:30pm - lights out.

Fun huh?


Two Party Planners said...

Hey mine is not much different. Here goes my shot:

5:30am - alarm goes off
5:35am - in shower
6:05am - out of shower, brush teeth, put lotion on, put leave in conditioner in hair
6:15am - do cat litter, fold laundry, start a load, download bank transactions, feed Tashi
6:30am - dry hair
6:50am - get dressed and put make up on
7:00am - either gather tashi for daycare or eat breakfast
7:15am - leave for work
8:00am - arrive at work
8:05am - launch gmail, read perezhilton, dliested, laineygossip, eonline, news sites etc
8:45am - delete work junk email
9:00am - maybe do 30 minutes of work
10:00am - reread all above websites hoping for updates, start countdown till lunch
12:00pm - go to lunch
1:00pm - reread websites again
2:00pm - dying for 5:00, looking for new stuff to do
4:00pm - start minute by minute countdown
5:00pm- FREEDOM! go home
6:00pm - walk tashi, feed Tashi, pet cats, watch news
7:00pm - what's for dinner?
7:30pm - eating cereal, currently no living room furniture so sitting on stairs
9:30pm - start falling asleep
10:00pm - lights out

The Riddle Family said...

Holy cow, how do you do it all - and still have time to bake cookies????