Sunday, October 26, 2008

By George She's Got It!

Ok so today I put my thinking cap on and really tried on the eyes and tried using a coffee filter taped over the flash on my horrible 4mpx camera!
I decided that if I was going to take more photos, why not dress them up?? :)
First we have Lola's before:
And After my photoshop beginners skills:Teddy Before:And After:I think I did pretty good!!
I found them out in the yard earlier eating dirt. I am like "But you have to be CLEAN for the contest!"
Now these are some pretty eyes! (no photoshop needed!)

And here is one i took right in Lola's face with the coffee filter (the ones above with blue eyes did not have a filter).She is tired of the camera!
The party is around 4pm, so I will do my best to get pictures up tonight after eating chili!


Brodrick Family said...

You are doing good!!! Love the costumes!!!

Donald said...

those came out lookin' pretty good!