Tuesday, October 14, 2008

28 years...

Well today I am 28 years old. Below is a photo of myself that cracks me up.

I just like the expression on my face and my hands.. Why am I wearing a whistle? What am I saying? Am I being bossy? I imagine a little Jersey accent "Hey! Whaddya want? I'm workin here!"... the whole deal.
Isn't it funny how as we grow older, we really don't change all that much?
I still make this face:I had a pretty good day and now I am home to check on my sweet Lola, who was restless all night with a tummy ache (couldn't lay down very long, moving around alot, tummy felt tight to the touch), finally gacked around 4am and we all slept peacefully for 3 hours after that. I hope she didn't spend all day puking, but if she did, I will be heading to the vet ASAP!


The Riddle Family said...

HOLY COW!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I hope you have a faboo birthday! You totally scored with the pressies too! Rock on!


Brodrick Family said...

Happy birthday!!! I live about 20 minutes from Joplin. We are in the very NE corner of oklahoma. I can be in three different states in a matter of 30 minutes!!!