Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a WEEK I'm having!

When i was a kid, my favorite movie in the world was Splash. And I love the part where the little geeky guy was finally fed up and like "What a WEEK I'm having!!!"

That was me this week. We were so very busy, Lee worked late 2 nights in a row, then we had company 2 nights in a row, and work was alittle stressful as well. A little conflict within my family doesn't help either.

Last night was nice though. Lee and I ate dinner and just laid on the couch and I had a glass of wine and just were still. This morning we got up at took the dogs in for haircuts! They look just wonderful...I am trying my hand at photo shop, trying to make the "pet eye" issue go away. Hopefully when we splurge on a new camera that will help. Otherwise, I guess I need to carry a coffee filter around! These are my 2nd try, so I just have to really work on it.

Tonight we are attending a surprise party for some friends downtown. That should be fun! Tomorrow is the Halloween party at the doggie day care. Don't worry, I will have my camera (and coffee filter) in tow!


The Riddle Family said...

Hey! I think it's a great start, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of time. I think that if you increased the contrast or/and messed with Curves in Photoshop, that you might really like the end result. Plus, if you have have any washed out areas from flash (like Miss Lola's peach fuzz), you could try to gently burn some of the detail back in (while set on a low opacity, like 20% maybe). :)

P.S. I totally heart the tennis ball under the couch!

Brodrick Family said...

i love them!!!! And I understand the week issue!!!!