Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lazy Busy Saturday

How can a Saturday be lazy and busy at the same time? Let me tell you...

Friday morning I noticed Teddy was closing his eye so I looked at it and it was pretty red. He was still holding it closed that night so I called the vet and they said I could walk-in and get worked in.
Saturday morning I was up off and on around 6:15am and finally left with Teddy to the vet (with coffee and a book!) at 7:30. We actually got in an hour later! She couldn't find a scratch on his cornea, but it was very red and inflamed. We have eye drops to give him the next few days until it clears up.
When I got home (around 9:15 or so) Lee was laying in the hammock in his boxers. After I laid with him a minute or so he said "I want to take a nap."
A nap? at 9:30am?
so that is what we did, until almost 11:30!

After that we showered and I made a grocery list. We went to the Verizon store so I could look at phones. I am on T-Mobile now, but I am going to go onto the company plan to save money (why not?) and wanted to check out their phones. I am thinking the LG Voyager. I looked at the Dare that everyone is freaking out about, but it is 100% touch screen and the keyboard (much like the iPhone) was really hard to type one. The Voyager has a full (quite large) keyboard. I would prefer a slide phone, rather than one that opens up (the screen gets smaller) but I will take what I can get!

Then we went on another painfully expensive grocery trip. This is the second one and I think we are pretty well stocked at this point. Comes in around $300 to get us back to normal on food!! But we are also grilling wings and stuff tomorrow for football, so that comes in the price as well.
When we got home, Iron Man (yay!) was in our mailbox so we watched that, then dusted, swept, and picked up around the house. More hammock time quickly ensued.

New awesome product: Swiffer Duster Spray. DUDE. I used it on the coffee table AND the granite! Anyone who has granite knows that is doesn't shine very easily unless you clean it, then Windex it. I have trouble thinking of ammonia-based windex on my counter. Swiffer made the counters shine and cleaned them as well. Heaven! And is smells really good!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to hanging in my kitchen. Helping Lee with the food (wings, chicken sausage, etc), making dip, and making cookies. It's my first Sunday back in the house! We are having a few people over as well.

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