Friday, October 17, 2008

Friggin Friday!

I had a meeting this morning far far away in Katy Tx. When I was about 5 exits away I heard a noise, kinda like a flat tire noise but not as bad (or bumpy). Then after a minute or 2 of that, one of those lovely warning lights came on. The kind that you think you know what it means but it is pretty ambiguous...

I was determined to reach my destination and not be one of those girls on the side of the road yelling into a cell phone and flailing.

I got to where I was going and looked - the sidewall was pulling away from the tread on my tire! I could see metal and all kinds of things!!! So I called Mini Roadside Service, went into my meeting, and then they towed my little Maggie away.
It is 4pm and they haven't gotten the new tire on yet, so Lee is just going to pick me up and we will go get it tomorrow.

Busy weekend ahead. We are going to see my dad tomorrow and have lunch and get in a nice visit. Then tomorrow night we are going to the Aeros game at Toyota Center.

Sunday is FOOTBALLAPALOOZA but i will be at the salon. I have said many apologies to my hair for it going so long without highlights and a cut. It tangles really badly and I feel like I am ripping out my hair when I am brushing it!


Brodrick Family said...

I am soooo sorry that that happened. I am getting ready to post a trip to okc a couple months ago!!! I can feel for you!!!

Brodrick Family said...

the little belt for the altenator was $11.00---then the tires were $350......It's only money I guess!!!

The Riddle Family said...

That really sucks! I am so sorry! Your poor little Mini sure has been through a lot in the last several months huh? I'm glad you're okay though!