Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season...

Here is what we are and are not doing.
We are not leaving. We are not in an evacuation zone. Our house did not flood during the famous Tropical Storm Allison (or ever for that matter) so we are pretty secure about that.
We have 3+ cases of water. 7 bags of ice. Lots of meat that is frozen that we could grill if we lose power (after the storm passes of course!). We have sandwich meat, cheese, and bread. We have 3 flashlights, batteries, plastic sheets in case a window breaks, etc. We even have a wind-up radio so we could stay in touch with reality. We hope we don't lose power. I think it is pretty certain we will, but hopefully not too awful long. One upside is that our oven and water heater are powered by gas. So we could stay in our house a good while, provided it does not get too terribly hot.
We are trying to be smart about how we prepare. We are trying not to worry too much and make bad decisions. We are leaving Lee's car at his work in the parking garage and putting mine in our garage at home. Since my car is so small, we can probably get the grill and rocking chairs in behind it. I am getting laundry and such done tonight so that we at least won't have to worry about that (i am such a woman, i know!)
I will do my best to keep everyone updated. Call my cell if you are really worried!

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The Riddle Family said...

Good lord, I sure hope that everything goes okay. You sound super prepared - I would be the same way! Stay safe!