Friday, September 19, 2008

The weekend is HERE.

Ok enough Hurricane drama.
For now.
I have read each and every single blog entry that Nie Nie has ever done. I even checked out the food blog she was trying out. Makes me want to be that happy. She is just a pure person with not a stitch of anger or sarcastic in her body.
I am the most sarcastic person in the world.
I have very bad thoughts at work about co-workers. Mainly at their expense, not so much about doing bad things to them.
But, like Nie...
I absolutely, 110%, LOVE my husband. I think about him all day. I wait in angst for him to arrive home from work each day. I don't like spending time away. He's my buddy!
Although not "human," I LOVE my kiddos. They may be dogs and a kitty, but I love them like it's a crime. I take massive amounts of photos of them. What did we do before camera phones? I have caught some priceless moments with that thing.
We have a good life, that is for sure. Yeah, right now things are tough. The economy is beginning to affects us a bit. Our house didn't apraise for what we hoped. We are doing to be stuck in some ugly debt for a little while b/c of my kick-ass kitchen.
Worth it?
Lee isn't doing as wonderful at work as usual. His fault? Not at all. Every year they mess him around and he has to start all over. This year... nothing is happening for him. This is bad when you get accustomed to him knocking it out of the park. Scaling back is mucho harder than spending more.
And man i really want the new Pumpkin Spice soap and cleaning stuff at Williams Sonoma. I would buy some, but... they still don't have power either.
So we are going to check out the finances over the next month and try and see what we can do.
Thinks are tiring right now. Hurricane. Family death. Economic issues. Job issue.
I love this man and I know that because of this, we will make it through.
And still be smiling.

ok fine. a small update. Our nieghbor talked to our other neighbor that works for Centerpoint and yes, we will be on BY Monday. Electricity is all everyone talks about. It is like an obsession or a drug.
"You got power?"
"Maaaaaaaaaan. Must be nice."

We will be ok. Things have a way of working out when they should. We have noticed that.
thank you, generator, for letting me blog! I missed it!

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