Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig...

Today was a work day in the Nash home. Donald came over and we had breakfast and then headed off to Lowe's. We started thinking about some of the things that needed to be done around here and we said "it is just lipstick on a pig for the appraiser!"

Good things we did:

  • Did all the paint touch-up in the kitchen. Now the kitchen is 99.99% done. Tomorrow I am getting throw pillows for the bench and we still need wood blinds. Otherwise - DONE!(Donald did all this by the way.)
  • Bleached the bathroom floor. The grout was never sealed and white grout.. ick. So now it looks like I actually clean the floor!
  • Added another coat of paint to the bead-board in the bathroom. The contractor only slapped one coat on and you could see every swipe and miss. Looked bad! While I was at it, I hit the base boards.
  • Lee went nuts with the caulking gun. I think everything in the house has a fresh coat of caulk!
  • Cleaned out the garage. I am not embarrassed to open the door anymore!
  • Planted fresh begonias in the front box. Let's see how long they live!
  • Cleaned off the rocking chairs and put them back on the porch.
The bad:
I had an idea to paint the ugly aluminum on the front windows. The idea itself is not bad... but we used white. Which.. looks odd? I think if we had used midnight blue like we have on the trim and the garage door it would have been a little more successful! So now I am out tomorrow to Sherwin Williams to hope to God I can remember which paint it is on the trim and quickly fix this snaffu! We will just pretend the white is primer!

Good day! Tomorrow I am de-cluttering and cleaning the closets out. I need to sweep everywhere and mop the kitchen floor. I want the appraisal on our house to be really good, so let's hope.
Maybe new bathmats too.... ;)

Football season is here! Tonight the puddies will don their UT t-shirts and root the orange team on. Tomorrow they will don their Cowboy's collars and root for the best team!!

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