Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting Game

We haven't stopped watching the news in like 24 hours. Go to sleep with the news, wake up with the news... have coffee with the news... clean the house with the news... you get the point.
Ok so at our house, we will start seeing rain bands around noon with 30mph winds. Then around 6pm, lots more rain and 50mph winds. The big mamma comes in at 3am with 70mph winds. Now, all this starts in Galveston before, but this is the time line for us. We are seeing a breeze right now and some clouds are moving in.
Knowing how I am, I am cleaning the house (dishes, sweeping, dusting) and generally keeping busy.
I read an article on MSNBC - and the headline is so devious!
Ok - so that does not mean HOUSTON. That means Southeast Texas and the coast, etc. Here is a direct quote that I found when I actually read the article:
"Houstonions urged to 'shelter in place'." It also talked about how we, in the metropolitan area, will see gusts of strong winds, but that the best thing to do is to stay put and have a safe place away from windows.
I have our bag of supplies, and I am going to have extra blankets and pillows out in the hall before we go to bed so that in the event we need to get out of our bedroom (windows), the hall is ready and we don't have to scramble. We have thick cardboard and plastic sheeting ready for broken windows. I actually feel happier being here because if a window does break, we are here to deal with it, you know?
By the time it hits downtown (which we are 10 min from), it will be a Cat 1. So please don't think I am sitting here while a Cat 3 goes over my house!
I will update as I can!

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The Riddle Family said...

Oh my gosh, I was thinking about you guys today and I hope everything goes alright. So scary!!! I'll keep checking in - especially first thing tomorrow AM! You guys have hurricane, flood and all those types of insurance right? Please be careful and keep your babies close! Do you have their crates ready? I'm so worried for you!