Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday Photos

I was bad and barely got any good photos from Lee's birthday dinner last night! Here are a few good ones.

CAKE! (mini chocolate mocha cakes with coffee ice cream YUM!)
Donald, Jennifer, and Don
Donald and Jennifer
Don and I. (3 glasses of Chardonnay later...)
I did take a picture of Lee but it didn't turn out! Also at the party was Dave, Jimmy, and Lee (of course) We had a nice time.
Today Lee and I stayed in bed until almost 9, cleaned the house, and then went back to bed around 1 for like 3 hours! We are about to go out to dinner, otherwise I don't think we would leave the house today!!

So for some reason, Lola and Teddy's tags keep falling off their collars. I hate to use the tried and true S-hook because I change their collars out almost monthly and the S hook required pliers! Any ideas out there?

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The Riddle Family said...

Happy Birthday to Lee! Yay!

For the dog tags - those small circle things made to attach the tags to the collar are total crap. Have you tried using the kind of circle attachment thing that you use for your car keys? That's what I use and they seem to be a lot more durable and stronger...

Does what I said even make sense??? :)