Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I. Am. Bored

Almost everyone that works with me is not here today. There are 9 people that work here. Currently, only 3 are in the office! I am so bored! Usually, as I work, I chat with my co-workers and drink tea in the breakroom and just generally have some entertainment. But today, both my gal pals are out and only me and one other person are in the room (we sit in a huge open space.)
I have resorted to taking pictures of myself with my camera phone.
Cupcake Ganache!I ate the whole thing!Wishing I was on a beach with Buffett!
To all you suckers who didn't come in today! (or am I the sucker for being here?)

In other news, I am so ready to decorate for Christmas. I think I will spend all of Thanksgiving day decorating the house. I am just ready for the magic of the Christmas season.
Maybe I will just leave work early today and take stuff home to "work on."


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