Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canola Oil is my enemy... Dr. Tinky is my best friend

A few months back I had a recipe for brownies that asked for oil. Thinking back, why did I make this recipe when I have millions of others that do NOT ask for oil...
Anyway, I make the brownies, and all I taste is oil. Ick blegh gack.
Last night I made a chocolate-pumpkin bundt cake that asked for 1/4 cup of the evil Canola oil. I stood and thought about it. It also called for 1/4 cup of light corn syrup (again... why am I making this?). I decided maybe the corn syrup will cancel out the oil taste? So I went for it.
I tasted the batter.... oil. Maybe it will "cook out."
I tasted the finished product... oil. OIL.
Lee tastes it "that's bad. throw it away."

I painfully threw away an entire chocolate bundt cake.
Oil. Is. The. Enemy.

Tonight I have to run home after work and make a new cake as fast as possible since we are actually doing dinner tonight at Lee's parents rather than tomorrow.
I shall throw the oil away - for I do not fry things EVER.
I shall look up suitable substitutes (crisco? blegh ick gack).

I shall never use oil again.

I will now try to move on through this day without thinking of the entire chocolate cake in my trash can. Oh travesty of wasted chocolate and canned pumpkin (the greatest thing EVER).

I will do my best to get some pictures over the next few days because I realize blogging has falling to the way side.

Lola went to the vet yesterday and now I have a new rule (much like Bill Mahr):

If, my little furry babies, you are not bleeding, puking, or violently pooing, you shall not visit Dr. Tinky. I know you love him because he pets your head and gives you a treat.

Mommy, however, doesn't like spending $100 because you had a tummy ache that you probably just needed to fart/puke out.
I hated to see my baby girl in distress, but then again, she was ok. I was just flipped out. And because i hated to see her in distress, I took her straight to Dr. Tinky. Then I got a 5 minute lecture on why I should not have taken her off the Science Diet Prescription Diet.
Did you know you can give your dog 1/2 tablet of Beano? I shall stock up. Lola is toot-a-riffic.
You know you have been going to the vet too much when he starts to tell you, in the same exact wording, why he is giving anti-biotics and you smile.
"Why are you smiling?"
"because you tell me this every time."
"Yeah I know, i just have it in my head. I know you are well versed in dog digestive issues by now."
When your vet says that to you, you know you are there too much.

Lola is fine. I think she just tricked me into staying home with her. Which I was happy to do because after the vet she wanted to be in my lap the rest of the day.

Happy DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS DAY! (Also known as Thanksgiving to you folks)


The Riddle Family said...

Could the oil have spoiled somehow? Cooking oil can go bad right? I think you said you don't have a/c - could it have gotten too hot maybe? Have you tried Ennova oil or keeping it in the fridge maybe? I don't like using lots of oil either, so I always skimp on it. Whenever I made brownies (out of a box) I only use half the oil it calls for, they come out just fine and I can't taste the oil...

So glad your little Bean is okay. Sometimes piece of mind is worth $100. I can't tell you how many times the exact same thing has happened to us - false alarms and out $60-100 bucks. I try to think of it as peace of mind!

Happy Turkey day to you!!!

The Riddle Family said...

I said piece of mind! I'm losing my mind!!! lol!

Brodrick Family said...

I am glad that Lola is okay!!! Sasha ate a whole pancake, syrup and peanut butter when I walked away for two minutes yesterday! You would think I would have learned by now!!! The beano tip is one that I will remember!!