Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Day You Decorate For Christmas

Today is not Thanksgiving, folks. See, we had that big dinner last night.
Today (although people are coming over, i am making food, and someone is bringing pies) is not about Thanksgiving.

Today is about.... the tree.

My tree.

My tree is a carefully crafted / lighted / decorated piece that I think about from the time it comes down new years day, to the time it goes up.

Today is that day.

After 10+ strands of lights
3 hours of fluffing, lighting, decorating
The tree, my friends, is finished.
And it looks like this:My theme is snowflakes. There are the traditional glitter ones, glass ones, silver metal ones, etc.
This year I went to the Nutcracker Market at Reliant stadium. From there I got my new (and first) nutcracker. We haven't named him yet (see him on the right?) Oh yeah, I do as much red and white as possible. Just simple to me.
I got the sweet metal dog holding a red ornament who shall sit under the tree. Haven't named him either - I am thinking Charlie.
I don't know where the mice came from in Lilly's stocking.... I also got the red stuff sticking out of the large stockings and the popcorn garland in front of the tv. It is metal, painted and has a touch of glitter. It is about the coolest thing I have ever seen really.
I picked up some metal stockings, trying to not ignore the windows this year.
And lastly, yet I see this as important, a mistletoe -This will yield many kisses for sure. I had to hang it high enough for lee not to hit his head. When I made him get off the couch to check, he grumbled. Poor guy.
The only thing I did differently this year is decorate the back table in the room.

I used a precious strand of lights (meaning it is not on the magnificent tree) and some garland. Those are the pup's pics with Santa last year. Not much more than some dude holding my dogs and taking a picture with a digital camera - so now Lola has possessed eyes. But it is cute non-the-less.
I just need to get something for by the front door. And a wreath. I think I will hit Pier One this week with my discount and see what I can drum up for cheap.

Last night at dinner, Lee's parents are babysitting this ANCIENT Bichon Friese. We aren't sure if he was ever a cute dog at all. He is missing hair, skrawny, and hobbles around. I think he is like 12.
He got into Lola and Teddy's food and at first I was like "no stop!" But then I looked at him. The thing is hungry. His mom keeps him on Science Diet and he needs some food! So he eats and eats and eats. And then we look over and he had pooped everywhere!
I said "Well he ate so much that he had to poop to make room!"
Lee said "I do that sometimes."
Which was pretty damn funny to all of us.
Poor little dog. Probably slept like a baby.

I have rolls rising, dough for snow-cap-cookies chilling, and I am just now about to eat for the first time today (1:30pm).
But it will all be worth it while I sit and stare at my tree.

Christmas is magical.

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