Monday, October 31, 2011

11 Months

How did this happen? How is my itty bitty tiny man turn 11 months?

This means... in a month... he will be...

Ok I can't talk about it.

So this weekend Logan got some shoes for his 11 month day. He hates shoes. He yanks on them and tries to get them off his feet. However, at some point he can't be a barefoot kid out in public anymore.

I went to the Galleria with Aunt Kelly and we found him these:
Red chucks!

After a little while he quit trying to get them off and even played in them for the afternoon:

Then he figured out how to run in his little walkabout:

Too bad our living area isn't bigger!

He has gotten really finicky about the bottle. Doesn't really seem to want it anymore. I tried putting formula in the sippy and that doesn't cut it either. So I am trying to keep him hydrated with water and giving him yogurt and cheese to help with the dairy. Otherwise, he hoovers food. I took a broccoli and cheese deal from the freezer and combined it with some chicken and rice and he ate tons of it. Even with just having water and no formula, he slept solid all night and even a little later than normal!

I know in a few weeks he can have cow's milk so until then we will just keep trying other methods of dairy.

Here is something cute to get you through the day:

Have a great week everyone!



Joshua said...

Those shoes are freaking awesome.

em said...

aw...that is adorable!

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

I adore chucks on kids. I currently hunting an orange pair for P. So let me know if you come across any. Happy Halloween, Mr. Logan.

Missy said...

Happy 11 months Logan! Love the chucks...Park has some olive green ones!

Tell Logan to call Park and tell him how good food is...Park just isnt having it. Only pancakes!

Sarah said...

I can't see the video :( - But anyway, happy 11 months Logameister! We love you!