Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Planning a Birthday Party..

Now that I am done crying in the corner, I am in full on party planning mode.

I thought about different themes, almost decided on none at all, and then I settled on Trains. His bedroom is already a light train theme so I thought finishing out his first year with trains would be fitting. Here are a few images of what I am thinking of...

Centerpieces... Source
Cupcake Toppers... source
Confetti (in blue, not pinks...) Source

I have ordered most the decor, the invites, and now I am working on gift bags for any kids that may attend. I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future...

Any other ideas? This is the first party I have had to throw!



Joshua said...

I recommend renting a bouncy house. They were a whole lot cheaper than I thought, and it's fun for the parents after the kids go to bed. Obviously not for his 1-year-old party, but something to keep in mind. This was the second year we rented it, and because the party was a Saturday, they didn't come get it until way late Sunday afternoon, so we were able to use it Sunday morning, too.

Holly said...

So cute! I love the train cupcake toppers!