Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Magazines

It's Monday... again.

I have my coffee and I am watching my DVR while my husband gets ready and the baby babbles next to me in his high chair. I say that's a good way to start things out, wouldn't you?

I took this photo at the grocery store right before they took my wallet and lit it on fire:
Right away I noticed a trend....

I don't really know what to say here. People freaked out when they got together since he was so young. I never never been a fan of his so to see that he is possibly a huge douchebag doesn't surprise me at all. I would think at some point the age difference would get to them, no matter how beautiful she is. The In Touch cover bothers me the most - who told them about "unsafe sex" and how is Demi already down to 95 pounds? I guess when you already only weigh as much as my big toe it's easy to lose that weight.

Then I saw this:

Aw dang - it's that time of the month again - Jen has PMS and everyone else calls it a baby. It looks like she and Princess Kate are on the same monthly schedule...

And for the one that isn't so much a surprise..

Anyone watch this show? Those babies should be thankful they aren't with their moms. For real.


I don't know what I think about this case. It's another one of those where reasonable doubt was evident but I think she knows more about what happened than she lets on. However, if she was wrongly convicted then I am glad it was overturned.

The sidebars on these mags this week were boring. In fact since I don't give much of a crap about Demi and Ashton, I would have skipped all these and grabbed a House Beautiful or something instead anyway!

Happy Monday folks!



Donald said...

Demi is not down in weight - there have been media appearances for that "Five" show she's doing for Lifetime Network...and she looks fine.

Part of me wants to call "shenanigans" on the "he's cheating" thing... just like "OMG, BRAD IS MEETING JENNIFER ANISTON IN SECRET!"... because these magazines have such a strong track record when it comes to sensational headlines.

Holly said...

I have never seen Teen Mom, but it sounds terrible! :(