Monday, October 24, 2011

Evil Pumpkins...

This weekend started off pretty great. We went to Logan's fall festival at school, which really ended up us just pushing him in the swing...

And sliding...

But he got to wear his costume!
Sorry, snotty nose...

Then on Saturday we went and did what every new mother can't wait to do... take the baby to the Pumpkin Patch for photos.
Logan slept all the way there and was in a generally happy mood when we got there... Then he saw the pumpkin patch.

We put him in his dinosaur costume and put him down next to the pumpkins..
He proceeded to cry:
and then scream:
Until someone picked him up:
See the tear?
I tried to get a good photo with him...

We tried everything... feeding him, checking his diaper, sitting down on the ground with him, taking his shoes off (made it worse b/c then he felt the grass) and taking off the costume... it was like he was 6 weeks old and it's 2 am and everyone is going "why is he crying? WHY IS HE CRYING?"

Later we pulled him in the wagon... we took the pumpkins out first:
But he was still very very unsure about the whole ordeal.

Anyone else ever had a baby freak out at the pumpkin patch?



Heather said...

I have never had a baby freak out in the pumpkin patch, but have had other random baby freak outs.

You have to admit it is kind of weird. All of sudden you are plopped down in the middle of ALL these hundreds of orange round things (some of which are heavier than you) that you have never seen before and expected to be happy.

These things we adults take for granted!!!!

Great story though.

I hope you have better luck next year!

Chloe said...

Awww poor Logan!
But that dinosaur costume is sooo cute!!

brianandhilary620 said...

Oh no!!! But that is too funny... what a story for later years :)

Heather said...


Joshua said...

Poor guy. I don't blame him about pumpkins, though.

Also, random thought: they need to make swings like that for adults. I could relax and swing in one while reading.

Jessica DeWitt said...

Uuumm, ya. Thats why I only had the one picture to show for it. Why do they insist on ruining what are suppose to be FAB FIRSTS for Mom!
Maybe next year..