Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday!

Ahhhhhh..... Wednesday. The day of the week that marks that you are mid way through it...

Sometimes you need to sit back on Wednesdays and think about what you love - just to give you a little extra pep.

Here is what I am loving this week:
Marzetti's Simply Dressed Balsamic. WOW. This is probably the best salad dressing I have ever had. It makes me want salad just so I can have this dressing. I made Pioneer Woman's Spinach and Bacon salad and instead of making a dressing like she does, I used this and it was awesome. It's in the cold dressing area by the bagged lettuce. There are other flavors as well.

Logan wants to walk. Badly.
I am in denial about this. Heavily.
For now he will walk across the room like a little robot while pushing this cart toy. However if I put him in the walker that he can sit in, he just rolls himself backwards... Whatever floats your boat, kid.

It's no secret that I LOVE coffee. We found that we were getting tired of the coffee we order online, it just wasn't as roasty as we liked it. I dug around and found this on Amazon (no, really?) and Lee loves this one. It's very bold and roasty and gives you a swift kick in the pants...

When I get home from work, I change into capri leggings with a long tank top. I bought an XL long and lean tank top at Target so it hangs past my bum. Throw on a boyfriend sweater and flats and instant comfy mom attire! I like this sweater at Target a lot:

Even though I lost this week....

I still love Fantasy Football. This has made a lot of difference in how much football I can tolerate in one day. This coming week I am playing Lee again - I won last time so we will see!

Last but not least (and with an announcement!)
Not a current product but I thought the theme fit with my lifestyle...
I love Scentsy! You have more than likely heard of these wonderful ceramic warmers. You put the fragranced wax in the top and a 20 watt bulb melts it slowly and fills your house with wonderful smells. This way, you don't have hot flames around when there is a mischievous  little baby milling around...
I am now officially a Scentsy REP! Woo-hoo!
This means that if you want to order something, you can click on my button on the right side of the page here and order away! You can email me if you have any questions, just click the email icon up top!

For the little ones, there are even these Scentsy buddies for them to cuddle with:

Click here for more info!

Have a great Wednesday!



Missy said...

I will let you know when I need to order some scentsy packets!! Parker has Ribbert the frog in his nursery.

Joshua said...

We just put that shopping cart walker thing away finally. Neither kid needs it to walk, and it was starting to become a weapon. Had to go. Love it, though.

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Am I a horrible mom because I won't let Preston open his walky thing yet. Trying to hold out for Christmas and I'm not ready for him to walk yet. In fact the thought of him walking scares me to death.

Holly said...

I love that green cardigan; it looks so comfortable.

Logan is adorable. I bet he'll start walking really soon!