Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In less than 60 days...

Christmas will be here.

I am not kidding. I would never kid about Christmas!

Recently I started working with a company called Scentsy. They make wonderful "warmers" that you would use in lieu of a candle.

Before you start a mob to my house about hating on candles, here are some reasons I like the warmer option:

1.       Spend $30 now, only $5 later… Yankee Candles (or most name-brand candles) are $25-30 and once you burn it up, it’s gone. With these warmers, you spend the money up front to buy the warmer but then you have over 80 scents that you can change out at only $5 for the wax. Each wax bar could last a few months depending on how long you burn it.

2.       No Flames! Ever go to bed or out to dinner and think “Oh no! I left my candle burning!” With the warmer, it’s just a 25 watt bulb, so no harm done
3.       Free Lightbulbs! If you choose me as your trusted rep, I will keep you in light bulbs for the life of your warmer. Just call me up and I will get one to you ASAP!

Personal Testimony. I use a warmer in my home and I think it smells the house up better and I like that there is not an open flame with a little one running around the house. The wax only gets as hot as the paraffin used in nail salons, so it will not burn your skin if it fell.

Variety of product: Along with the warmers and wax, there are travel tins, room sprays, hand soap, and sachets in certain scents.

6.      No Waste: Ever get about halfway down a candle and find that it's burning unevenly or the wick won't stay lit? With Scentsy, there is no waste of product because you melt it over and over until the scent has faded, then you toss it out and put new wax in the tray!

Basically you plug the little guy in, put a few cubes of wax in the tray and whala! Within 15 minutes your house is smelling goooooood.

So with that said, here are some images of popular products.

If you are feeling in the holiday spirit already:

Here comes Santa Claus...
 If your little one needs a great smelling bear to snuggle with while dreaming of toys and treats:

 On prancer on Dancer on Comit on Vixen!
If you need a present for a college football obsessed friend, they have oodles of warmers (more than shown in this photo)
I picked this one out for Tiffanie - for pretty obvious reasons... 
There are so many scents that there are several for everyone. There are vanilla and baked goods smellies, cinnamon holiday smellies, clean citrus smellies, even tropical vacation smellies. I may have ordered some coffee smellies because, well, I am addicted to coffee...

So do some browsing and feel free to contact me with questions. These make great gifts for someone you just don't know what to buy them, or maybe something for your self to perk up your home!



Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Might make the house smell less like dog...hmm...

Diane Haynes said...

I am excited to buy the sunflower warmer, and the sand dollar plug in. I like the leather smell and the cookie vanilla ( someone might think I actually baked) the aroma is Awesome. Oh and do you have pumpkin pie?

Breann said...

Yes there is one called Pumpkin Roll and another called Pumpkin Marshmallow!