Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap

I know I am late... today is the first day in a week I have felt like a normal human being!

Here is a recap on how our Christmas went...

(*Note: Logan at this point had thrown up once on Wednesday at school and once Thursday night at dinner time*)

Friday: Christmas Eve Eve - I wake up and proceed to throw up all day. My Dad and Step-Mom came over to help wrangle Logan so I could rest and Lee could run errands.

Saturday: Christmas Eve - I wake up fine but find Logan in his crib covered in puke. He drinks some water and that comes back up too. We spend the day in the recliner with a sippy of Pedialyte and plenty of snuggles.

Sunday: Merry Christmas! - I wake up fine, so does Logan, and we do Christmas morning. My camera? Ooops... around 9am I start feeling... funky? The stomach virus is back, in a different direction if you catch my drift. Lee takes Logan to his parents house and I lay down until around 2pm and then I feel well enough to go over. On the way over I find out my dad is now throwing up... We have a WONDERFUL gift exchange and I manage to eat a little bit.
That night, around 10, we find Logan has thrown up again.

Monday: Oh look, now I have a head cold! Logan seems fine and we all get out and go to the store. My cold proceeds to get worse throughout the day. We find out one of Lee's sisters, Laura, is throwing up and has missed her flight to meet her boyfriend's family in San Juan for a cruise. Here are some photos of him in his tunnel I managed to take:
Hey Logan! Let's go through the tunnel! (yes you can bring Buddy Bear)

Off he goes...

Here he comes!

Getting closer!

Zooming on by!

Logan throws up again that night in his bed.

Tuesday: Now I have a serious sore throat. What is going on? We take Logan to the Dr and they think the throwing up is mucus related, but there isn't really anything "wrong" with him. Logan is happy all day and we stick pretty close to home. I even cancel my trip to Palestine the next day...He throws up again around 1am.

Wednesday: I can barely swallow and super-awesome Tiffanie gets me an appt at her clinic. I take Logan back to Lee's parents so they can watch him while I go to the Dr.
I have Strep Throat.
Somehow, within hours of taking the penicillin, I am already feeling better. Logan throws up in his bed at 9pm, this time screaming and crying...

At this point, Lee and I are wizards at getting everything cleaned up in a timely fashion... 

Thursday: I wake up feeling MUCH better. I think I better make Tiffanie some cookies once my contagious-ness is over huh? Logan is happy for the most part but we have a 2:45pm Dr appt because we just don't buy that everything is ok. They said he now has an ear infection and recommended the BRAT diet until his stomach settled.

So yes, while Christmas was a bust health wise, we did have some great times. I will do a gift recap another day. I will say, this has been an interesting way to lose weight...

I will leave you with our new family portrait, which was on our Christmas Card:



Em S said...

aw...that stinks...glad you are all feeling better. An even quicker weight loss poisoning.

Donald said...

Still loving the Logan Hand Waving in this picture!! :)

Holly said...

Oh wow, that's awful that you were all so sick at Christmas. :(

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

Glad you're feeling better. LOVE Logan's tunnel!