Thursday, December 8, 2011

Logan's Wish List

Logan doesn't know it, but all these things are on his wish list for Christmas!

Play Tunnel


He is starting to like the ones at Gymboree, and I figure - what's one more thing in our living room?

The little floating animals aren't doing it for him anymore really - so he needs some better bath toys. These look cool:
Amazon (he already has the frog)
This just is so sweet:
What little boy doesn't need a tug boat?

I would love to get him a collection of all the best Disney movies. While I don't really care to have the physical DVD, it's necessary to get the Digital Copy I want. Here are a few of the ones I want him to have:

20th Edition for Aladdin? I remember when it came out! So old...

There are many more (Nemo, Monster's Inc, etc) but these are the real classics that I could stand to watch with him. Lion King is currently available and I am checking out the Disney website to get an idea of the rest of them.

He also needs books. I would love for him to have all the Dr. Suess.

I figure since he got so many toys for his birthday, maybe Christmas can be other little things. I am sure a new pair of shoes will make it to his stocking as well.

What do you think? Should he add anything to his list?



Donald said...

Wikipedia is probably going to be an even better listing of Disney's animated films...and easier to view/copy/paste/etc.

Additions to list... the Little Mr. Men books?
Mr. Tickle
Mr. Clumsy
Mr. Bouncy
Mr. _______ :)

Laura (Home Address) said...

Oh no! Found this after I've purchased something. Oh well, there's always the favorite present holidays of "Aunt Laura is visiting" and "It's summer!" to grab more things on his list. :)