Thursday, December 22, 2011

Man Trap

The other day I was doing some work for a bank in the area and saw this room on the plan called "Man Trap."

What? Man Trap?! What is that?

No one around me knew so we starting dreaming up this scenario where you could lure your dream man in there and trap him until he agreed to love on you.

Then we found out what it really is and were depressed...

So here is a Man Trap:
Then I decided to put my celeb-fav in there:
Here Marky Marky Marky....

 Then I made one for the girl at the bank, who was also depressed upon hearing what a Man Trap really was...
McDreamy..... *sigh*
Christi wanted one too...
Adam Levine
She then requested this photo "uncropped." I sent it to her, but I try to keep this family friendly.

Then MyLien, who has been contemplating a short hairdo and new glasses, got hers:
Jason Batemen
Here are a few more:
Cradle Robber Man Trap

Depp as a Pirate... pretty specific trap there...

Sophisticated Man Trap...

 What about you? Who would you put in your man trap?

Maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas ;)

**For the record, a Man Trap is a room were you have to shut the door behind you before you can open the second door, therefore trapping a person inside. Boring huh?**



Lee said...

Wow. Not sure what to think of this contraption.

Billy Tatum said...

My goofy lil' Big Cuz.... SMH

Joshua said...

Holy crap. I can't believe that was my first thought.

Followed by Nathan Fillion.


Em S said...

That is a lot more boring than I was hoping for. I can't think of any man crushes right now, as I'm too stuffy, so I'd have to either pick mr. marky mark or mad men man.