Friday, December 2, 2011

Hell Day

Yesterday ranked way up there on my list of days that I wish to never repeat again. I was wiped out and laying in bed watching "One Born Every Minute" and tearing up by 8:30pm. Here is a timeline of how yesterday went.

6:45am: up. Grab Logan, change foul diaper, head to kitchen. Lee gets in shower.
7am: feed Logan oatmeal, pick up dropped sippy one bajillion times, guzzle coffee.
7:20am: lay out Logan's outfit, from a laundry basket of clean clothes 2 days old, get in shower.
7:40am: help lee dress Logan since he won't stop alligator rolling
7:55am: head out the door for 8:30am dr appt
8:am decide it's a great idea to get coffee to drink on the way to the dr
8:10am: stuck in drive through, regretting decision
8:15am: start stress headache, break traffic laws
8:45am: stroll into dr 15 min late
8:55am: get weighed, cry, get undressed
9:15am: still naked
9:30am: still naked
9:50am: nurse let's me know there was a mix up and dr wasn't seeing patients until 10.
10:05am: make joke to dr about how I am not usually naked this long without wine.
10:40am: oh hi coworkers
11:25am: leave for a rep lunch, eat 6 pounds of sushi
1pm return from rep lunch
2pm meeting
2:15 pm meeting (different one)
2:30pm - 3pm: freak out and plot 5 sets of construction documents for boss to sign as neither of us is in the office Friday
3pm: leave to get Logan for 3:30 dr appt, break traffic laws
3:20pm: sprint into day care and grab still sleeping (how?!) toddler (HOW?!) from crib and sprint to car
3:30pm: right on time to appt
3:45-4:15pm: - chase Logan around the exam room so he doesn't dive off the table or slam his fingers in all the drawers and doors
4:30: walk out with SCREAMING child from pricked finger and shots
5pm: open mail while Logan plays
5:15pm: lay Logan down for mini nap, suck boogies first, doesn't end well
5:16pm: say fuck this day and order pizza
5:50pm: feed toddler his first pizza because he earned it
6:00pm: Hoover 3 pieces of pizza and not track any of it on weight watchers
6:30pm: bathe pizza sauce covered kid
6:45pm: rock him and read him a book
7pm: lay him down after giving benadryl for cold
7:01pm: drink wine

So so so tired.

However I love hearing how Logan is doing so...
Logan's Stats:
Weight-22 pounds
Length - 31"
Percentile - 60%, head is 75%

 He is starting to clap when you try and play patty cake with him
Will walk by pushing things around the room but doesn't stand on his own or hasn't taken any independant steps
Will eat anything I put in front of him (if it's not spicy..)

She said kids tend to thin out around now because of the activity levels and change in food habits so he is doing great!

That made me feel better on Hell Day.

So did the wine...



Joshua said...

More wine!!!!

Sounds like he's doing great, though.

em said...

Sounds like a good end to a bad day! ...and it's true...they totally thin out once they learn how to run away from you!

Simply Kelly said...

Handled like a pro- Pizza and Wine. Always does the trick when I am having a bad day :-).

Carlin said...

at least you got to end your day with wine!

Heather said...

The important thing is you made it through the day. And now it is the weekend.

I remember living for those Dr visit stats. Now I live for report cards and game stats. :)