Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Cleaning

While Logan doesn't seem to care all that much, he suffers from small-closet syndrome. Because of that, I don't hang up any of his clothes and they all go in the dresser. Usually I reserve the bottom drawer for clothes he can't wear yet, the middle for current clothes, and the top for pj's, socks, and extra changing pad covers.
Then it looks like this:

The drawer doesn't close because I only have 5 minutes a day to put up laundry and it is what it is.

I went to work on the drawers first and took out stuff that doesn't fit, and emptied the bottom drawer to put bigger clothes in something else.

 Then the closet...

 Eeek.. I started pulling everything out and making piles, then I turned around to this..

 I'm boxed in! It gets worse before it gets better, right?

Where's Logan?

When I was done, the closet was much more organized than before...

 There are things in there that we are saving for friends, like the bumbo and bathtub seat.

Now the bigger clothes are in a reusable bag on a hanger and out of the way. We used to have stuff piled on the other side of his crib and now that stuff is in the closet. *shoo*

I can't part with that damn boppy lounger... he slept on that for months...

I took his stuffed animals and put them in the toy chest

This toy chest used to be MY toy chest... if you flip it around you see my name...

And if you open the lid, my parents had stenciled something on the inside...

The top used to have a clown.

I hate clowns.

I am pretty sure that has something to do with the circus theme of my room and the 9' clown my dad bought me that stood in the corner.


Now it's nice and generic so that no matter what he likes as a theme, the toy chest will fit right in.

So now that his room is clean, I should do mine huh?




em said...

I'm with ya on the clowns. Ish.

Diane Haynes said...

Love the toy box and his room so much.
I guess Clowns were not scary back then. OLOL

Kelley said...

That is so sweet that you are using your old toy chest for Logan. I love it! I'm also envious of your organizational skills. I need to get some of those!