Thursday, December 15, 2011

When Blonde's "Craft"

While messing around on Pinterest at work I saw the cutest gift idea and I knew right away I was going to make this for my coworkers.

All 9 of them.

Basically it's a jar where you stack the cookie ingredients inside, decorate it cute, and all they have to add are a few ingredients at home. Simple, right?


Oh that Bakerella... she makes it look so damn easy.

I went out and bought all the necessary ingredients and while Logan was eating lunch, I went to work.

First you add the flour. Each jar got 1 1/3 cups. Well how do you get the flour into each jar without it going everywhere? I stood over each jar with a spoon and spooned it all in. I was about 3 jars in with the oats when I realized... make a funnel you imbecile.

So a funnel I made.

This made the process go much faster. You can already see I was making a mess.

I went on to add the M&M's and chocolate chips and then I started to panick..

Yeah so... they are pretty full, no? I still have 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 a cup of white sugar to put in here. I started pushing and squishing the best I could.

I added the brown sugar to each and then started on the white... which is where I wanted to cry and feverishly search for Bakerella's phone number on the internet for help. The first 2 jars were a disaster, but after that I got the lids on and apologized to Logan for all the bad words mommy just said.

Now to clean up the mess and start decorating the jars.

Never in my life have I wished I had three hands than when trying to tie felt around these damn jars. First of all, felt fights back. Second of all, I found myself using my teeth to hold the string taught so I could tie a knot.

Hell. On. Wheels.

At this point Logan was napping and unaware of the hijinks going on in the kitchen.

It took all I had not to just crawl in that crib with him and forget about the jars in the kitchen.
Finally after bad words, and telling a few of the girls on Say Yes to the Dress to stop their pity parties, I was finished.
Next year? My coworkers get cards and a smile.



em said...

I had thought about doing the same...instead I made chocolate covered pretzels and wrapped them in a pretty bag and called it a day.

brianandhilary620 said...

Too funny! It's a great idea though. I bet thin cotton fabric would be easier to tie on the top! If you get motivated to do it again next year, you should buy some on clearance this year ;)

Joshua said...

Still a great idea.

High Heels and Homemade Meals said...

But they are so cute!