Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Wish List

Heeeere comes Christmas.

Some think I am easy to buy for. Others think I am hard. So here, take these ideas.

Cusinart Hand Mixer:
Red one, please
Why I want it: Because my old one is gross and... well... old. Time for an upgrade.
Next up - Cuisinart Multi-Cook

Why I want it: Because it is not only a slow cooker, it is a roaster and a steamer. In the 195 degree summer I could use this instead of heating up my whole house with the convection roast setting on my stove.

Le Creuset Coffee Mugs:
Why I want these: Love this color. We have a mix-match of sizes of coffee mugs and I would rather them at least be all big enough for the large setting on the Keurig. Because, who needs a small cup of coffee?

Otherwise, I am always looking for a cute long scarf (light weight)
House shoes
Amazon Gift Card for all my Kindle purchases
A nice notepad for meetings (maybe a cute portfolio thing?)
Charms for my Pandora necklace

Hopefully this helps anyone who needs ideas!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh...I like those mugs. And the multi cook. Excellent choices.