Friday, May 6, 2011

25 Things

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I was reading through my RSS feed while having my morning cup of joe (poor guy) and loved this post by Airing My Dirty Laundry..


So I decided to try it out.

1. I am extremely loyal person. Ask any friend or employer. And of course Lee.
2. I have been to 8 Jimmy Buffett Concerts. I want to go to more and I hope to take Logan before he stops touring...
3. I get pretty darn upset if Lee doesn't like something I have cooked.
4. I am super worried that people don't like me. This causes me to clam up. (Sorry Houston Blogger Roundup people...)
5. I rarely feel as pretty/smart/funny (name it) as others when I am in a group of women. (again, sorry Houston Blogger Roundup peeps..)
6. I am grateful for each and every follower. It makes me feel good that someone is interested in my stories.
7. I honestly can't believe how happy Lee and I are. It's a little freakishly good...
8. I love my job, yet I yearn to stay home with Logan.
9. I want Logan to grow up yet stay little all at the same time.
10. I miss my family since I live so far from them.
11. I would have a shoe/bag habit but I sure don't have the money!
12. I am learning to take better photos but I don't want to be a photographer.
13. I would be a wedding planner if I wouldn't have to work every single Saturday!
14. When I was growing up, I wanted for several years in a row to be a homicide detective. This may be why I watch tons of "whodunit" type shows and movies.
15. I hate hate hate "masks." They terrify me.
16. I do want to see the new Scream movie, yet - refer to #15.
17. I hope Lee and I can afford to move to an islandy/beachy town one day, before all our body parts are saggy.
18. Even though people thought they would become "second", we still love our dogs tons and see them as members of the family.
19. I miss sleeping.
20. I love watching him grow and learn.
21. I continue to want to learn more things about cooking and baking.
22. I am an only child and I am super ok with that. and I am super ok with Logan also being an only child.
23. I drink too much wine and coffee.. but I enjoy it!
24. I enjoy eating too much to care about that extra 5-10 pounds. Own it!
25. If I could eat nothing else for the rest of my life... chocolate chip cookies would be it.

Random enough?



Simply Kelly said...

Love #13-- wouldn't it be great to plan weddings but not work weekends :-).

Amy said...

#17 - me too! I'm always on the lookout for a small funky beach town to move to :)

Kelley said...

I love that! I could survive on chocolate chip cookies, too. Eight Jimmy Buffet concerts?? I love it!

Chloe said...

I love all your random facts!!
I hate masks too!
Hope you have a happy weekend!!

Donald said...

1. Agreed
5. You're definitely as P/S/F as the people around you - it's completely normal. You'd be surprised to know that if I'm in a social event and don't know anyone except the person who invited me...I'll clam up to a degree and basically depend on the invitee as "training wheels" until click with someone(s) and feel comfortable. Yes, me, the person who talks to random strangers in stores.
12. Nothing wrong with that - it's improving in a hobby, not something you necessarily have to turn into a job. I'm not planning on selling photos or cross-stitch anytime soon.
17. Backup plan possibly to the northeast? You'll have an instant live-in nanny for a few months (until he finds his own place).
23. Lindsey Lohan = too much. You = a-okay on the intake levels.
24. *thumbs up*

Heather M said...

Girl!!! I think we may be the same person!!!#4 Im the same way, im always afraid Ill say something dumb! #5 Me tooo, witch cause me to be #4 LOL!!#8 Ill I can think about is being at home with Landon!#11 YEAP
#12 I just want to know how to take a pretty picture!! #17 I love the beach!!!! I want to live near water someday!#19 Girl I feel ya!!!! #20 Best thing in the world being a mom! #24 I love food!!! Haha!! I loved this post and getting to know you better!!! Happy mothers day!!!

Sarah said...

Why are you afraid of masks? And YES! Move to a wonderful beachy place :D

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I can absolutely relate with you on number 4 & 5. Why are we like that, girl? We are very likable women ourselves...we shouldn't sell ourselves short so much :)

Breann said...

Y'all are all so sweet! I hope everyone had a great mother's day weekend!