Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafting Fail

I am not crafty. I can barely sew a button on pants. I am terrible at painting anything. Awful crafts person.
But when someone gave me the idea to make some of the beer caps of Lee's favorite "rare" beers into magnets, I thought "I can do that..."

Yeah not so much.

I started by opening the package and heating up a hot glue gun and laying out all the bottle caps.
One of the things I was making a magnet of is a bottle opener from Lee's favorite brewery, Dog Fish Head.

Then my bright idea was to fill each cap with glue (mainly to make the magnet stick out far enough to keep the cap off the fridge) plop the magnet in the middle and be done with it.

This didn't work for several reasons.

1. I bought super strong magnets. So not only did they stick to the bottle cap (too low however) but they flung themselves across the table and popped together.

2. They stuck to the bottle caps so when I went to plop a magnet into the glue...
I hate my life.


So I ended up popping the glue out of the bottle cap and trying again.

Better. But guess what happened when I went to glue it back inside? Yeah, POP! the magnet ricocheted across the table to join it's friends. After wrestling and glue-ing, I got one made.

By the time I made a handful I was out of glue. And the new glue sticks I bought were too big for the gun since i didn't pay attention at the store. So I said fuckit and put them out (carrying them 1 in each hand at a time so they didn't stick together like effing love bugs) out to the fridge.

The fridge is covered in rust since the dryer isn't properly vented. This old house... killin me.

They are a little wompyjaw (not a real word, so can't spell it..) but at least I did something sweet for him, right?

Because those magnets resulted in a glass of wine.

Any ideas on how to make this work better next time?



Jessica DeWitt said...

I see these at the crafty fairs around here all the time. They just use a hex nut to lift it off the back some, and/or 1/2" button magnets. I just ordered a button for my dishwasher and it had a 1/2" magnet on the back. (It was clean/dirty... cause we made the the mistake a few times.. does say something about my dishwasher?)

Donald said...



I can perfectly imagine the look on your face when the magnets went flying through the air!

Thanks for this post - it woke me up better than Starbucks did!

Gail said...

Try slicing your corks and gluing them in before you put the magnet on the cork piece.

Alice said...

Funny story!! I say fuckit a lot when trying to do crafts also. I have ideas and they fail!
You might try some of those sticky things you can buy in the hardware aisle for hanging up like those hooks on the wall or frames. Am I making any sense? You could put those in and then glue the magnet to that. Idk!

Chloe said...

But I love the final result!!
Great idea!

♥Bree said...

Your little boy is soo cute. My name is also Breann (spelled exactly the same..which is hard to find) and I also just had a baby in November. I think your blog is really cute.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh god, I love it! I had a little cookie baking fiasco the other day that was VERY similar to this, so I can sympathize!

Found you via Katie and CNG.

Oh, and I <3 Texas! :)