Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

Hey there! It's Wednesday once again - so this week is already half way over! How awesome is that!?

This week's edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday is baby-themed. Let's face it, our house is taken over!

The first thing - this toy:

The Winkel. He loves this thing. It's light and flexible so he can find a piece to fit into his mouth and teeth on. It rattles and is super colorful. He really really loves this!

Also on my list - Avent products.

When we started bottle feeding (at first pumping milk, then formula) we had Tommee Tippee. Logan spit up and had terrible gas.. so we switched to Dr. Brown's because they were supposed to be great for "colic." While we had good luck with these, they were a PAIN to clean. About 5 - 6 parts. When I had a nurse come over to help me with Logan one day, she said Avent were her favorite.

I love these bottles:

 Now, Logan is about to learn to use a sippy... while I was at HEB I saw an Avent sippy cup and snatched it up. I am hoping since he loves the bottles, he will like the sippy. I have heard it takes a few different ones to find which they will prefer...

Avent Sippy Cup

Lastly, what I am loving, is our new co-sleeper:

Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper
We are not using this for the "co-sleep" adaptation if allows, but rather a heavy duty bassinet. The pack-n-play lite and regular both have a 15 pound limit for the bassinet attachment. Logan, my sweet guy, is at least 18 now. Since we like him in our room, we purchased this so that he can sleep in there longer, up to 25 pounds.
Man, if only we had known...

What are YOU enjoying today?

The week is almost over!


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

That top toy looks great! I bet my 13 month old would even love it. Poor babies...they get teeth for so long...

Donald said...

*I* even want to play with that - it looks fun!

Today - loving Meebo (instant messaging app on the iPhone)

Chloe said...

That toy looks so cool!!

Jessica said...

So funny, you are giving my flashbacks. My "baby" is now almost two and has no interest in anything "baby" anymore. :(