Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sleep: An Update

Last week I reached out for help. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's advice.
I thought I should update y'all on what's going on so far.

1. No more swaddle. Not at all.
3. He puts himself to sleep initially
4. ...but still needs sleep in the middle of the night

Now I am the one getting used to something new. He is super restless, rolls around, sticks himself in the corner, face down. I find myself moving him because I can't stand letting him be shoved in the corner.
Also - I have to get used to him sleeping on his tummy. Sometimes he looks like he is face planted:

Seriously.. I went in and checked on him at least twice while he was like this, and Uncle Bunny did too..
The sleeping is slowly getting better. He is not waking up quite as often in the night but he does still hit about 3 times. I wake up because he is rustling and grunting and trying to get comfortable. I am trying to get through the night waking before we move him to his room. Getting out of bed 3-4 times a night is just too exhausting.

So - do you think that now that he is getting used to be free to roam the crib he will eventually sleep better? I does put himself to sleep in the beginning, so why wouldn't he be able to in the middle of the night?

Please don't make me "cry it out."



Donald said...

He's trying to burrow, like a schnauzer...much like he's trying to growl like them.

I'd make the joking recommendation to put Teddy or Lola in the crib with him... except Teddy is far too big, and Lola would shove him out of the way, carving out her space of the crib (about 90%). Girl dogs do that (ask Pandora).

WTF is making the glowing eyes in the photo? It looks like a demonic star.

Transplant said...

*Like* to Donald's comment. The eyes were really freaking me out too. Unfortunately, I have no experience in this matter. Although I am getting pretty good at learning how to sleep through buzzsaw fiance snoring...which doesn't really help you.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I have nothing to add, but Donald's comment cracked me up! ROFL

Alice said...

I think Colton will wake himself up sometimes from moving. He will hit his arm on the side of the crib, etc and it jolts him. Then he realizes he doesn't have his binky in his mouth or me beside him. Haha! Damn kids!

Breann said...

HA! Those aren't eyes! That's the satin bow around the sheep! HAHAH!

Part of me wonders if it's teething. Is it a growth spurt and he is hungry at 3am? If I feed him 2 oz will he sleep better the rest of the night? Will this create a habit of wanting to eat at 2am? I DON'T KNOW!

Heather M said...

Im not a cry it out mom, it breaks my heart, Id rather hold him till he goes to sleep!!! Have you tried those wedges that the baby sleeps between/ I used those they helped for awhile!!!!! Ive miseed to much on your blog! Im going to fix that!

Alice said...

From my experience, I would try really really hard to NOT feed him in the middle of the night. Just another bad habit. Believe me I know. My first thought she had to eat every 2-3 hours for the first YEAR of her life.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

How old is he? It totally freaked me out when James started sleeping on his belly with his face down too! Does he use a pacifier? I put a few in the crib so James can find them and use them to soothe himself back to sleep.