Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting to know me - Monday

Jaimie over at Legos in my Pocket linked up to do "Getting to know me Monday."
Check her out!

Legos In My Pocket

Here are my answers:

1. would you rather go on a picnic or to a bbq?

BBQ is the obvious winner. You bring a plate to contribute and then sneak all the cookies into your purse.

2. would you rather go bra-less or panty-less?
Bra-less, which happens at all times when I am home!
3. would you rather go on a $5000 shopping spree at your favorite store or go on a $5000 vacation? 
SHOPPING SPREE (says the girl on a budget. I am having a hard time coping...)

4. would you rather eat escargot or sauteed crickets?

5. would you rather go on survivor or the amazing race?

We have discussed this around here and we think we would last a whole 5 minutes before giving up and going to get a margarita... 

6. would you rather be hot or cold?  
Cold. I am a mean bitch when I am hot!

7. would you rather go to the beach or lake?
Beach. I have a scar on my chest from a mysterious something that cut me in the murky lake.

8. would you rather not shave your legs for a month in the summer or your armpits?
NO!! Don't do this to me!! I guess... Legs?



Sarah said...

Eww I hate "would you rather's" like that. Eeeeee! Why would you want to do either of those things! Gracious!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Legs, definitely. Can you imagine the armpits? ICK!!!

Han said...

I was about to say not shave armpits but actually it's ick (like Katie said!) I guess if I lived in thin trousers like linen trousers I might be able to get away without shaving my legs.

I'd rather spend less on the holiday and then have it as spending money when I got to wherever I was going - then again i think that's because I'm used to holidays on a shoestring.

{Found you via Comment Love Sunday - sorry it's a bit late}

Breann said...

Hi Han! welcome!
Yeah armpits win everytime!