Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old times are good times...

Awhile back, I dug up my old Livejournal and exported the entire thing into Word so I could keep it.

Then I sat down and read it.

Wow. How times have changed and yet... in some ways not at all!
For your reading pleasure - check out my oldies...
LiveJournal let you put what mood you were in, and Noise In my Head (aka what are you listening to?).. This shows you I haven't understood Donald's choice of music since 2003.
Jul. 22nd, 2003 | 07:10 pm
I feel...:  amused   
Noise in my head...: There goes donald with his Launch Radio bad music again...

This is one of the first few trips to Houston for me. I seem obsessed about things being expensive and feeling stupid. Also, please don't get the idea that I don't like his sister, I just couldn't believe that high school kids did stuff like this because I sure didn't!

A weekend in Houston sometimes makes me feel stupid..
Aug. 2nd, 2003 | 11:41 am
I feel...:  silly   
Noise in my head...: Not a peep in this house.. a little traffic outside

Ok. I know I am not stupid, but I am also not an academic scholar.. UNLIKE Lee's sister, Laura who made a 1560 on her SAT's the FIRST try. I am staying in her room since she is studying abroad in Chile.. yeah, she's still in HIGH SCHOOL. Then, when I took a gander at her book shelf, every other book had something to do with the SAT's. Example: The Real SAT's...Where the Sidewalk Ends....Word Freak (to build vocabulary)...Harry Potter...SAT's and you...Fox Trot.. See what I mean? It is kind of hard to swallow that! (but i did read the Fox Trot comics...)
Today Lee and I are going to do a little shopping and then go see American Wedding..the last American Pie movie (c'mon, can they REALLY make another one?) Then we will hang out with his parents a little before going to eat at a place called the Red Onion, south american food. It should be interesting. And $$$$.
What did we do before Txt Message? Blog alert?! Looking back on this, he was probably asleep.

I am so paranoid!
Oct. 8th, 2003 | 10:19 pm
I feel...:  worried
   Noise in my head...: The Bachelor.. BOB!!

Ok... everyone who knows donald knows he is great about calling people back when he misses a call. I called him twice from work and twice since I have gotten home and i haven't heard a word from him. Since I am paranoid, I am worried! Where are you donald? CARL - what is your phone number! I am trying to be good and not start freaking, but it IS very unlike Donald to not get phone calls. :(
I think I got a little mad at the Walmart lady.. kind of getting mad again reading this...

Ode to Walmart's shitty service..
May. 5th, 2004 | 11:10 pm
I feel...:  pissed off

Dear Oversense of importance, Self-checkout watching, Walmart lady...

Do not come up to me and treat me like a shoplifter... I thought the tv guide scanned on the self checker, but it didn't. Don't EVEN snatch my reciept out of my hand and show me it didn't scan and act like I am trying to steal this $2.49 tv guide magazine.
Have a nice day furthering your career as a Walmart checkout lady.. i bet you get that maroon vest soon...

Thank you.

Well there you have it ... the beginnings of blogging..
I have several years of this, so if you want to see more, I can post more next week!



Chloe said...

oh, thanks for sharing!
I want some more, please!!
Thankyouverymuch ;)

Diane Haynes said...

That was so funny !!!! I did laugh out loud~

Transplant said...

Hilarious - it would be nice to have a snapshot back into my life allll....thoooossseee....yeaaarrrsss....agggooooo. (Say that out loud like it's echoing..dream sequence)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Ha! It must be blast from the past day, because I posted an old essay I wrote today. Isn't it fun to visit your past self? I especially love the letter to the Wal-mart lady! Go you! :)

Donald said...

Aww, I kinda miss Launch Radio!

And when did I start screening my phone calls? Going to have to start getting better at answering. :/