Thursday, May 19, 2011

College days...

By popular demand I have put together some more look-backs at my LiveJournal days!
(if you missed the first round, check it out here!)

I had issues now and then with insommnia in college. I think it was just stress related or the whole "Can't turn off my brain" deal.

Things you notice when you have insommnia...May. 25th, 2004 | 02:53 am
I feel...:  annoyed

1.) All the advertisements for sleep aides come on... coincidence? I think not!
2.) No matter how long it has been since you ate, you are still hungry
3.) You look like shit after a whole day has gone by after a night you only slept about 4 hours... pale, red eyes...
4.) You beg your friends to entertain you because the only human contact you have had all day was at work.. doesn't count
5.) Damn the pets sleep a lot
6.) You get addicted to Nick at Night.. 12am - Cheers, 1am - Roseanne, 2am - Wings...
7.) Stuff that isn't funny, is for some reason
8.) When you see people kissing on Tv when you are currently not in the same dwelling as your man, it makes you either sad or strangely turned on...
9.) Damn the pets sleep a lot
10.)You obsess over the little things, which in turn is keeping you awake

Maybe I should call my dad and ask him for some Ambien?

Now that text messaging is so big, it's hard to remember a time when you would have hour long conversations on IM.. here is one of an extreme amount of IM conversations between Donald and I . This is me in Houston and him at work on a Friday....

BreChiese: why are u pretending to be busy?

dprlynch: because i'm eating

dprlynch: but i'm reading the im's'

BreChiese: oh, well i know how you can be about your food

BreChiese: like a rabid dog

dprlynch: :-D

BreChiese: do you actually bite peoples hands if they try to take it away?

dprlynch: i'd hit their hands...maybe stab them with a fork

dprlynch: not bite

BreChiese: and growl

BreChiese: well you don't want to give them diseases

dprlynch: mike evans said it smelled good (subway sandwich) and i told him that he needed to back away from my sammich

BreChiese: oh my, poor Mike

BreChiese: he has no idea what he is dealing with

dprlynch: now if i was stranded with a group of people somewhere...

dprlynch: and i found food and they tried to grab it while i was eating...they'd get bit

dprlynch: and then i'd kill them in their sleep

BreChiese: no doubt

dprlynch: and they'd be brunch

BreChiese: oh gross

BreChiese: nevermind on the cutie i located for you

dprlynch: if i'm ever stranded, i'll survive

dprlynch: i'll be eating pine cones, leaves, roots, people....won't matter

dprlynch: rescue patrol will find me alive and not-too-hungry
BreChiese: i think you are crazy

BreChiese: "what;s up with the stranded guy with the pot belly?"

dprlynch: i only weigh 150#...i don't have any weight to "live off of"

dprlynch: and...i'd be sleeping in a tree

dprlynch: so no one can try to get me in my sleep

BreChiese: hahahhaha

BreChiese: i think you are nuts

dprlynch: i'd be a paranoid cannibal as long as there was at least one other person, but i'd survive

dprlynch: :-D

BreChiese: you would start catching fish with your bare hands like "Cast Away"

dprlynch: are you crazy?

dprlynch: i can't catch a fish with my bare hands!!!

BreChiese: make friends with an unliving object

dprlynch: that's why you get a branch, some string, and make a hook out of something

BreChiese: same idea

dprlynch: or you get a sharp stick and spear the fish

dprlynch: *jab jab...LUNCH*

BreChiese: ick

dprlynch: well, i'd COOK it first

dprlynch: eww, c'mon now

BreChiese: sushi

dprlynch: be skipping around singing "i'm a survivor..duh duh duh...i'm gonna make it...duh duh duh"

dprlynch: LMAO

BreChiese: i could see you skipping

BreChiese: then after about a week you would be like "ok, i need internet and my ipod PRONTO!"

dprlynch: naw - i'd have eaten them too

dprlynch: *munch munch*

BreChiese: i doubt it, you wouldn't shit right for a week

dprlynch: lol

dprlynch: be shitting springs

BreChiese: *strain - screen comes out*

dprlynch: "whew - thank god i bought the 12" screen...that 14-inch screen woulda KILLED my ass!"

dprlynch: ;-)


BreChiese: and to think, this whole conversation started with a "uht, oh, i know how you are about food"

dprlynch: right

This posts just about sums up how I felt about school. I was just above "bare minimum." I did what I had to do to get things done and get a decent grade and move on. However, my class seemed to be filled with perfectionists which made my half ass work look even worse. Thanks, guys.

School...Jun. 5th, 2004 | 01:30 am
I feel...:  sleepy

Day 1: Well, i skip my 8am because of the storm the night before, but I go to my Interior Design class and we get acquainted with our groups. Well, just as my group starts to work out a schedule, the teacher splits us up because we are small (only 3) and we only have so much time to present to the Board of Regents. So I love my new group because it has the 2 most perfectionists over achievers in the class. I mean even the teacher says "well it doesn't have to be 'Laura Taylor' perfect" when talking about a project, because Laura is like that. For example, last night we were supposed to do rough sketches... hers were drafted out... yeah.. (FYI one of those perfectionists? Jessica!)

Day 2: I make it to the 8am... Speech. This teacher kinda talks like a radio announcer guy... comes in and talks about our weather.. boring. Oh, we have a test on Monday.. FUCKER! at the next class, the teacher says she has to move our groups around again because we need one less group.. we persuade her to combine our 6 groups into 3... now i have 5 nitpicky overachievers!! =WONDERFUL project.

Day 3: toured (like we needed it) the HMS North building. Found out we have a budget of 20 Million dollars for the entire thing, including the new HMS. That sounds like a lot at first, but the more you think about construction costs, it starts to add up. The new building needs at least 64,000 square feet... that's big!!
So that is what I am doing this summer. Lee didn't know it was a real project! He was kinda impressed we are doing something real.
Off to sleep... have too much on my mind, hopefully i can wind down..


There you have it! I still have 3 more years of this stuff!



Donald said...

"Three more years" - is that a threat?

Don't post the Ghetto Billy Goats Gruff - that's going into mine. ;)


Jessica DeWitt said...

I hope you don't have anything mean about me from that class. :)
BTW - I'm detail oriented.
OR - I was, until I had a baby.

ArtsyNina said...

Ha! I miss the IM days. You could IM at work and 'appear' to be working, whereas nowadays the people all have their noses stuck in smartphones. Obviously NOT working. LOL

Handflapper said...

Damn I never IM'd. And I didn't keep my journal regularly after high school. I'll have to dig those things out and see what other embarrassing events I've blocked from my consciousness I can overshare. Thanks for the inspiration!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Love the IM convo! You gotta love a conversation about cannibalism :) My hubby and I had similar conversations via IM...maybe not about cannibalism but about other fun things, like vikings and zombies!

Holly said...

LOL at the signs telling you that you have insomnia! :P