Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vicious Cycle

*sigh* Oh, fellow mommies... I am in a bit of a bind here.

My sweet Logan is not a sleeper. He never has been. Once we figured out the reflux issue, he started to sleep better. 
Then one weekend, at 8 weeks old, we went to Palestine to see my family and my grandmother said "you need to feed this boy more.." So we did. And he slept great from 8pm - 3am, ate and slept until 7. 
Here is the kicker... 
Since that night... he has slept on top of this:

Boppy Lounger
My theory is that (1) he was warm because it snuggles him a little and (2) he felt "held." 
Fast forward 3 months and he is still on this! Everytime I try to take him off of it, we have a terrible night. So bad that in the middle I just give up and put him back on. 
So now that he rolls onto his tummy and is not swaddled anymore, I tried again.


1 - he rolls onto his tummy, and although he can roll onto his back, he isn't that great at it so he wakes up mad and I have to help him... about 6-8 times a night. 
2 -  he scoots and moves all over the crib so then I worry about him being shoved against the side. 

I tried to be strong and we did this Friday and Saturday night.
Last night, I gave up and put him back on the boppy. He slept from 9-2 before waking up and I gave him a pacifier about 3 or 4 times until 6:45. 

So my issue is really 2 fold. 1 - the boppy. 2 - wakings. 

I am turning to the books for ideas at least on the wakings. I think part of my issue is that his bedtime is too late so by the time he has eaten at 8/8:30 he is pissed and cries for 30 minutes before he finally goes to sleep. Then I am worn out and aggravated. He also takes terrible naps.
So today I put 1 oz less in his daycare bottles to help move up his eating so that I can feed him around 7:30 and have in in the crib by 8 and see how that works. I am hoping that if he isn't just exhausted when I lay him down, he will sleep better all night.

As far as the night wakings... I want everyone's HONEST opinion.

I am aware there is an issue.

I am aware that I am part of the problem with the pacifier giving.

I am ready for everyone to sleep better. 

Cry it out? Does that only work for the initial bedtime or does that teach him to go back to sleep on his own at 2am as well?

For the Boppy.. that is something I will have to keep trying but I am hoping that once he rolls off his tummy easier, he will flip over in the night and go back to sleep on his own.

I took a poll / cried for help on Twitter over the weekend and Cry it Out seemed to be a big winner but... I just don't know if I can do it...



Alice said...

I never could do (and I still don't) the Cry It Out method with any of my 3 babies. I am sure it does work and to each their own, but it is so hard for me to hear my babies cry. Colton is 15 months old and he sleeps well, takes good naps, etc now. But he still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes. Usually it is when he moves and bumps his arms on the crib or he is getting too hot or too cold. We co-slept with him though, and sometimes he ends up in our bed. My older 2 (12 and 10) are great sleepers NOW and started sleeping a lot better around age 2.
I know this isn't very helpful...but I just want you to know that you will eventually get better sleep. Haha!

How old is he anyways?

Jessica DeWitt said...

I CANNOT do Cry It Out. Ryan and I disagree about it. I just can't. Kellie and I are both working with Callen on the Shush/Patt Method or Pick Up/Put Down if he's really out of control. I got it from the Baby Whisperer. Kellie got it from 20 years of babies. I feel ya sista.

Tiffanie said...

So I was talking to a patient yesterday about how she got her son to sleep through the night (he's the same age as Logan. He would wake up every few hours and they were trying to wean him off his pacifer at the same time. Her pediatrician told her to cosleep (meaning have him actually in he bed with them) with him for just 7-10 days, and despite her reluctancy she did. He started sleeping all the way through the night sans pacifer in bed with them. She moved him to his crib two weeks later and he's been sleeping through the night (paci free) since then.

Sabrina said...

Kyndall had a pacifier until she was 18 months, Rhyder is 10 and still has his...I don't have a problem at all with my baby having one...it's the 2 and 3 year olds that drive me nuts. I've also always heard to just try one big jump at a time, meaning, wait on the paci or wait on the boppy, not both at once. That's a lot of change in their little minds. As far as putting him back to sleep, I did the #1 carnal sin according to some people...give him a bottle in bed...but after trying to play by the rules with #1, and being exhausted with a toddler when #2 came along, I said the hell with the rules, I'm going to do what makes me and my baby happy. So, he still wakes up between 2-4am and he gets a bottle. But, without that, it's a long miserable night for us. Oh, and Rhyder didn't start sleeping "through" the night until I started putting him to bed with a bottle...AND...on his boppy. ;) Once we got him to go to sleep, more calm, with his bottle in his bed, and let him adjust to that, I eventually starting taking the Boppy out. And now he hasn't used it in months.

Carlin said...

i just couldnt do the cry it out much tried it a couple times but he seemed to be fine as soon as paci went in. so..we played the pacifier game alot when he was logans age!!! yes...it just means crap sleep but one day you wake up and it gets all better. its just a painful (yet short!!!) period in this stage of life. i look back now and think wow!!! that went by soo fast!

Sarah said...

I'm not a mom so I (sadly) can't help you out on this, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm rooting for you! Here's to hoping you get a good night soon enough! :D

Candace said...

I think I am just lucky because my little guy has been sleeping for 12 hours a night since he was 3 months old. And yes I did let him cry it out. It sucks, but I learned if I was doing something while he was crying and trying to put himself to sleep it was easier. He now sleeps 12-13 hours and takes 2 1-2 hour naps a day. And I always lay him down awake.

Ps: I don't think there is anything wrong with a binky, hes still a baby ;)

Anonymous said...

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