Thursday, September 8, 2011


Guys, I need help. I am a we bit obsessed over-focused on a new table for the kitchen.

As always, my house is covered in baby things...

This table it too large for the space and... boring.

I really want a stainless top. I love the look of it and the easy care.

I found this at Crate and Barrel
But it's too big - exactly the same size as the one we have, which defeats the purpose.
And it's 'spensive.

I found this at West Elm

But it's technically an island, so it would be hard to get 6 around this.

I am thinking of trying a place that builds custom...

The deal is - do we give up the look I want for a smaller table that still accommodates 6 when needed (maybe a leaf that pulls out, etc)

Or do we stay with the look we love and really only comfortably seat 4?




Joshua said...

I like the color of the wood on the second one, but if the first one seats 6, I'd go with that.

Jessica DeWitt said...

SO. let me get this straight, you want a smaller table that seats more?
Maybe a leaf is what you need. Or round?

Sylvanfire said...

I say go for a smaller table with a leaf! I had one and it was awesome, the only issue is remembering where the leaf is stored (if it's not attached to your table) for when you need it! lol... also the round table sounds awesome as well!