Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Magazines!

Man. This weekend I was pretty much on my own with Logan while Lee was in New Orleans.

I am tired.

I needed more wine.

I needed way more coffee.

I am totally ready for a little trash talk.

Who knew how empty the grocery store is on Sat morning at 9am??

This week seems to be all about Brad and Jen:

So in the last week or so, Brad said some odd things about his life when we was with Jen. Something about being "boring", etc. Now this headline leaves you to believe that he just made that up because Angelina has his nuts in a silver case somewhere.
Also: What? Annulment for Kim already? Goodness. Give them more than 4 months. (wait, how long did they date?)

So this headline makes you think otherwise than the one above. Is she mad? Come on - after John Mayer telling everyone in the world how awesome you are - do you really give a shit what Brad says? I mean, Angelina is a freak and they have 25 kids and 35 nannies and have this odd life that no one quite gets...

I do want to see Moneyball....

Again - balls in a silver case. Knowing her, maybe some blood somewhere... just not right.

I wonder if he was all "Hey, we are filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith and you are hot for a freaky chick so we should get together and OHMYGODWHATHAVEIDONESHELOCKEDMEINTHEBASEMENT!"

Speaking of freaky and evil...

If she is in Texas or Florida, she will be shot in a Walmart parking lot by a redneck with a hero complex and then there will finally be justice for Caylee.
Until then, NO MORE MAGAZINE COVERS for this evil woman.
Also: More Brad and Jen. Don't worry, Kirstie will gain it back....

Now I need coffee....



Donald said...

omfg, Blogger ate my blog comment! #TechFail

Shortened version - Brageliniston needs to STOP. It's been six years - Bragelina is not breaking up and Bradiston is not getting back together.

Either the issues sell very well, which speaks poorly for the intelligence level of the public...or it's fed by Anniston in an attempt to stay relevant ('cause her films aren't doing it), which is sad.

Joshua said...

I'm with Donald: How is this even close to a triangle? It's more like two dots over here connected by a line, and a third dot over there doing her own thing, totally uninterested and unconnected to whatever that line is doing.

Also, this is why I only read fiction.

Diane Haynes said...

I love it!!

Alley said...

Oh my! I love this. I do think Brangelina is one creepy couple, but I LOVE Jenn!

As far as poor Casey Anthony...I will gladly point her to the nearest walmart if need be. Why would they even give her the time of day???

Working Mommy said...

I greatly dislike Casey Anthony...she deserves long and painful suffering...

new follower - would love a follow back!

happy SITS day!