Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Magazines

Man, what a weekend. Between football and the 9/11 remembrance, I am beat. Now it's Monday and I am slugging a Pumpkin Spice Latte and trying to stay awake at my desk. Let's enjoy some gossip, shall we?

Oh man, all new stuff! This should be fun!

First - In Style

About time we got off of Jennifer Anniston's ass about a baby and moved on to Angelina. First off, she has always been skinny as a rail. I remember her next to a helicopter or something some years back and how she was too skinny. What's the real news here?
Also: Leave Taylor from Real Housewives ALONE. NOT OK to talk about her being skinny because she is sad. Who wouldn't stop eating out of sorrow or shock? Hell I lost 10 pounds after hurricane Ike  because I was so freaked out. This is way more serious of a situation.

Next up, Us Weekly:
I'm not gonna lie - I thought that was Lindsey Lohan on the cover at first and my reaction was "WTF?!" Even so, JLo doesn't really do it for me.
Also: I doubt Joe wants Taylor back. She wrote a song about him. She messed around with John friggin Mayor. Moving on....

In Touch (my guilty pleasure)
Seriously? You have NO M-O-N-E-Y. A wedding? I love this show but I have been against her this season because she is in serious denial.
Also: Again - give Taylor a break.

How about some People Magazine?
No. No her kids will not be ok.
Also: Why is Eva Mends slumming with Ryan Gosling? Just because he got all ripped for that movie doesn't mean he is hot. Not my type I guess.

Now we see why Jennifer got a rest this week... OK! Magazine:
Now it's Sandra's turn for crazy rumors!
Also: There is nothing redeemable about Kate Gosselin whatsoever. I don't care if she is broke.
Why did Jlo and Marc split? I would like to know why they were together in the first place!!

I hate Sexy Bikini Bodies issues. At least I didn't burst into tears while trying on clothes in the dressing room this week. Making progress...



Donald said...

Okay... the InStyle photo of Angelina is photoshopped. The sleeve is hanging really oddly for her arm's supposed shapes/size, it's not in proportion to her forearm, and her neck is just all kinds of wrong. It's screaming photoshop. Ugh.

J-Lo doesn't have fashion tips - she has people dress her. You think she really goes shopping? :P

Over Teresa.

F Kate Goslin - she can't complain about her TLC gravy train ending - she should have set some of the money aside. Her poor kids deserve a better mother.

HAHAHAHA @ "I want to know why they were together." Who leaves Ben Affleck's hot ass for Skeletor? IGNANT!

Chloe said...

Oh, how I love this!
My favorite is the last magazine's comment!
Poor Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock!