Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where am I?

At work it is highly stressed that we keep our calendars up to date so that if someone is looking for us, they know where we are.

Today I will be about 30 minutes south of work measuring and ENTIRE STRIP CENTER that then I have to come back to my desk and stick all my measurements in the computer. Fun times, right?
And it will only be a balmy 94 degrees!

I decided to have fun with my calendar so that if someone is all "Hey, where is Breann?" they will look at my calendar and see this:

FV = Field Verify

Notice my priority - to be done in time to come back and have a snack with a rep.

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't like labels? 


1 comment:

Joshua said...

I've been known to make all day "appointments" that are private, just so I don't get scheduled for meetings.

I mean, I don't do that...