Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I heart football....

When I was just a little girl
I asked my father "who's a good team?"
Will it be Cowboys?
Will it be Steelers?
Here's what he said to me...
Que sera sera
You better root for the Cowboys
They are America's team
And I said so...

So... I grew up in a football household. My dad played high school football and was quite the small town legend.
In our house, it was all about the Cowboys. Granted, this was during the Troy Aikman and Emmit Smith days, so they were hot to trot.

As I have grown older wiser, I have chosen my own team to root for, and that is the Houston Texans.
This year I decided to play Fantasy Football, just to really get into the other teams and know more of the players.
And to understand what the hell this is all about.

Here is my team:

The first week, I was up against non other than... my husband!

Here is how I did...

I WON! How about that?

I am now trying to learn the ins and outs of moving my players around and keeping up with injuries, pick ups, and trades.

I hope to keep up the fun!

Do you play Fantasy Football? Do you even watch the games or hide in the other room?



Joshua said...

I did Fantasy Football for three years. The first year was just because they needed one more player. I came in last place. The next two years I did it for fun, and actually kept track of points and such. The third year I came in second place, and only lost during the last game.

As far as watching football goes, I usually catch a little of the Bears when they're on TV, but that's about it.

Emily said...

You drafted Dallas Clark too. I drafted him after we knew about Payton's surgery. I am kicking myself for not paying more attention. I will watch some of the games, but not all the games on Sundays like my family.

Jessica DeWitt said...

I am completely clueless to sports seasons. Sure, I understand the basics of each sport but they are usually just a road block for other television viewing.
I am jealous of a reason to have people over and make chex mix. ;)

Breann said...

I don't have the choice to not watch. football is on my screen from the time I get up on Sunday (ESPN Football News) until I go to bed on Monday. I decided Fantasy would make it more fun.
Jess - why do you need an excuse to make chex mix?! It's the best stuff everrrrrr