Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week Two

This was week two of my adventure in Fantasy Football and here is how I did:

Yeah, kind of got my butt kicked...
Better luck next week huh? The thing that is hardest is when a player is "questionable." Then you don't know until game time if they are playing and it's too late to put them in your line up... Last night I had H.Nicks who plays for the Giants and he was questionable with an injury..and what happens? He has a touchdown. Grrrr....

I would like to announce the winner of my giveaway!!

Hilary of Real Life isn't Always Clever!

Hilary's comment was:
My dear friend (dear friend, I swear) is pretty much having a wedding YEAR. I am the planner for the bachelorette party in Vegas and a bridal shower out of town.

She is a very expensive friend. Expensive friends are great gift givers and shopping friends, but I'm concerned about my abilities to plan these events up to her expectations!

So far, I have collected baby jars for party favors at her bridal shower... I am not sure I'm meeting her standards yet.

It would be wonderful to use these labels to liven up (read: look expensive) some baby jars or the centerpieces (which are some collected wine bottles... I am nothing if not thrifty) 

Haven't we all been there?!!

Have a great day everyone!!



Joshua said...

Well, at least my Bears were able to help you out by letting Drew Brees get some extra points in there.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Happy SITS Day! Loved reading your feature post. I just went to my first Buffet concert in April, but my earliest Buffet memory is of 3 or my four uncles singing Margaritville together at my aunt's wedding when I was 9... that and the Parrothead bumper my uncle painted on his Datsun 210... I am dating myself!

mynewfavoriteday.com said...

I love that you are actually playing FF. If you can't beat em join em:) on I imagine it's quite fun once you get into it, instead of watching your husband obsessively check his phone and laptop incessantly for scores:)