Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Magazines!

Last week, I took a break because the magazines didn't seem very updated on any of the shelves. Hopefully now this will be fresh!

I am tellin' ya - they are all over Jen this week about this "baby."
First we have US Weekly:
I didn't even know she was a smoker, but still - stopping is a good thing whether she is preggo or not. I have to admit, after 3+ weeks of these baby rumors, I am starting to wonder (and get a little excited?!) but until then, just let her be happy with her man!
Also: Kim K - no ma'm with that headpiece.

Of course Life & Style has to keep up with the Jen Baby Brigade:

WAIT A COTTON PICKIN' MINUTE! Twins? So first she is pregnant and now it's with twins? Can we not get a new photo other than the unfortunate willowy purple shirt one?
Also: Bachelorette Baby too? Don't drink the water girls...

Now on to a story I am not all that shocked about:
Well, maybe the married part is over the top - but the fact that they are boinking isn't a surprise at all. As much as I love Sandra, I think Ryan could do a little better - younger and all.
Also: We can't leave out Jen's baby news. If Katy Perry really IS getting a divorce, who is really all that shocked?

Ok this is crazy town:

Who would STEAL Skelator? Is he hung like a Mexican Donkey? What's with the hot models and actresses waging war over this guy?
Also: JWow's surgery - when will this Jersey Shore crap end?

Lastly, and looks like least:
Woah woah. I have tasted some of the baby food in this house. As badly as I want to lose the 10 pounds I gained after going back to work, I would never be able to live on baby food. It's not that good... I also don't have the stamina to work out at midnight. If I am awake that late, I am drinking wine. (or eating ice cream)
Also: Brad has a mystery woman? 'bout time!

I intentionally left out any comments on the Real Housewives Suicide that is on the cover of each of these. Suicide is devastating, no matter if you are a "celebrity" or not. I don't think it belongs in these magazines. I am unsure of how I feel about the upcoming season of the show and I can only hope they touch on this gracefully because his family is really hurting and confused right now. 

To celebrate this extra day off Holiday, we are going to a BBQ at a friends house and getting tanked. How about you?



Chloe said...

Oh, I love this kind of posts!
Thanks for writing this again!! :)
I love it!
Love your sense of humor!

Chuckles said...

I am definitely not a fan of this celebrity trash, but you are hilarious.
I miss the good old days when "bat boy" and UFO's covered the pages of The National Inquirer. At least then you knew how much you could believe (all or none depending on if you've ever seen Men In Black).

Donald said...

would be awesome if Sandra and Ryan *did* get together (although I still think the magazines are making it up).