Friday, September 16, 2011


You guys, I am so very happy to all of you who have nice cool weather and can play outside, open the windows, and not sweat by just opening the front door.

Really, I am.

However, here in Houston, it's still a nice, humid, hell-like 95 degrees.

So to have to go out for an entire day and measure a crap-ass strip center wasn't really something I was looking all that forward to.

I woke up, moved slowly around the house since Logan slept a little longer than normal.
(Sidebar - why doesn't he do that on the WEEKENDS? huh?)
As we were getting ready to head out, I tested the laser measure tape I had to make sure it was working.
Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Great. The #1 tool I needed for the day wasn't working.

I get in the car with Logan and head out, only then noticing I am running a good 20 minutes late.

Logan is dropped off and I am headed to the office to get the other laser measure tape. I call in and Jimmy tells me it will need a new D battery.

Fine. I stop at CVS.

Then at Starbucks.

Then at Costco for gas.

THEN at the office for the other measure tape.

At this point, it's about 9:15. That's 15 minutes later than I thought I would be at the site.

So I drive my merry way down to Sugar Land, TX and pull in the parking lot.

In my bag are the following items:

(2) Cameras
1 tape measure
1 laser measure
1 clip board with papers
Travel pack of tissues (impluse purchase at CVS) (then I used them to clean up spilt coffee)
Small makeup case holding womanly items, because what makes being out in the heat better than that awesome time of the month?

Then I notice the major thing missing.

A pen.

A fucking pen.


Invent some expletives and that is what I said. I dug through the car and didn't find a damn thing. So I leave the parking lot and drive up and down the feeder road looking for a place to find a pen. I finally end up at Super Target.

Oh darn.

With all the reserve I have in my body, I walked past the fall candles and to the supplies and bought a pack of Sharpie Pens and a pack of mechanical pencils.

Really, that's all I bought.

I promise.

So, after almost getting run over by an Asian lady in the parking lot, back to the site I go. At this point it's 10am. Perfect.
It's also about 85 degrees or so.

You know, I think you all need a visual of what I was trying to draw.
Let me ask - just HOW do I get the radius of that?

So after wandering around swearing and trying to figure out where to start, I decide that I will just count windows. Almost every window was 5'-0" big. So my sketch would have:



As I am in the atrium (the part under the white thing in the middle, which smelled like arm pits) these kids come running out of a suite and they are all over the place and screaming and playing. I notice the sign on the door - it's some kind of children's behavioral center.

Oh swell.

After 2 hours, my face was red as a beet, people were looking at me cautiously, and I had walked around the whole thing at least 3 times, and my notes were crap. I got into my car and blasted the air and made lunch plans. At this point, it was 90 degrees and hot as hell. We are in a drought with no signs of any real rain and the slimy green "lake' behind this building was calling my name.

But rather than embarass myself by swimming around behind the building, I went and had fattening tex mex instead.

So, who wants my job?

Didn't think so.

**Side note, I love my job, but days like today I yearn for the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
**Also, I think I earned my Tex-Mex after that crap.
**please don't judge me for saying something off color about an Asian person. 


Donald said...

Best to not go swimming in that - Swamp Thing would have got ya.

Kelley said...

You know I feel your heat pain, as I'm right here with you! You were measuring the strip center? What do you do? Are you an architect or what? Interior decorator? So curious now! BTW, you should've swam in that green lake. I was in it! We would have had so much fun!

Joshua said...

At least you bought the good Sharpie pens.

Did you get enchiladas? Fajitas? Chalupas?

Simply Kelly said...

LOL. Sorry you had a rough time, but your post made me laugh. Way to use a $@!#(#( :-). I'm in Austin, still hot here. Does fall ever come to Texas :-).

Chelsea said...

This is so weird! Were you off of 59 with Fort Bend Imaging and Fort Bend Surgery on the ends? That's part of the company I work for! Love your blog and feel your pain on the heat!

Merisi said...

Sending you a blast of cool air (temperatures dropped 30°F overnight)!

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

I, too, have been tempted to jump into one of those green lake things when I'm in Florida seeing my fam. In the summer. In the humidity. Wanting to diieeeeee.