Wednesday, April 30, 2008

#2's, 3's, and 4's.

So through talking with my good friend, and fellow schnauzer owner, Sara, she has clued me in to her terminology with our special pup's and thier poo's. You see, when they are sick, #2 quickly is #3, sometimes really bad. Teddy was sick 2 weeks ago and when I got him back from the vet, he was what i call - #4's. Just basically running out when he wasn't even trying to go.
When your dogs are ill as much as schnauzers tend to be, poo become's a fascination around the house. Yesterday, before I was taking Teddy and Lo to daycare, he was #4'ing again a little and I was worried. I gave him meds and we went on to daycare. Last night, Lee took the dogs out and when they came in he said "guess who had a nice solid poo?? Teddy!" so we are cheering and basically having a party! He said "after he did it I told him what a good boy he was!"
So now, we cheer for poo. Unique huh?

I am on diet overload at this point. I have only 5 weeks left. Well a nice kick in the ass to get me back on track was my Hungry-Girl cookbook! I have flagged a great number of things in the book and I am really excited about it! Even 100 calorie "Death by Chocolate" cupcakes!!!!
Today I went to the store at lunch and spent like $50 (easy to do...) and got whole wheat pita bread, Boca products, and various other diet-nice foods. Once snack I will try is plain rice cakes with peanut butter. mmmmmm.

Breann's Fold-over sammie:
1 Whole Weat Pita bread
Lean deli meat (i used turkey... ham may have more flavor)
Carrot (i got a bag of the already shredded kind)
1 wedge laughing cow garlic-herb cheese

Heat pita bread in microwave for 20 seconds to soften
Spread cheese wedge onto pita
Add turkey, lettuce, carrots, and dijonaise.

ENJOY! Around 250 calories, depending on the amount of meat you use. Very filling!

I figure I have some good ingredients on had at work now for a Boca Hamburger by using the pita bread and lettuce and such. I find that frozen meals are not enough food for the calories and you are STARVING a few hours later. I also find that I enjoy my lunch more when I make it. So... we have a toaster oven here and I could make the Boca stuff in there and have some pretty good lunches. I even have all the fixin's for a Hungry-Girl Taco Salad!! Woooo00!
So no more frozen mess. Sorry Smart One's and Healthy Choice, but I need food!

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