Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kitchen - Day 1

Today was the first day of kitchen activity. We had the electricity turned off and then a new breaker box was put in. The electricity didn't get turned back on until almost 8pm, so we were pretty happy by that point!! It got pretty hot in here!
Today the pups had to go to doggie daycare. They will be going almost daily until the kitchen is complete. They may even have to go on Saturday this week, unless the cabinets are up.
Lola and Teddy looked happy in the seatbelts this morning:
That's the best i could get while I was at a stop light! They are currently crashed on the couch wanting nothing to do with anyone! I also got them new collars today at the day care. They had a $25 gift certificate from winning the Halloween contest this last year. When I take the collars off to change the tags, they go nuts! "MINE! What are you doooin?"
Not really any kitchen photos to take as of yet. I will get some tomorrow after some real demo action starts!

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