Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend fun

This week was stressful! I was sick starting Tuesday night, still feeling some effects today but don't want to let that slow me down. We took pictures at work and I can't wait to see them! My new little blazer I got was perfect. Thursday I was barely at work b/c we closed on our loan for the kitchen and will have the money on Tuesday! So that means this next weekend we need to buy appliances and such. I hope the fridge I like is still on clearance!! That saves alot of money.
Friday Lee and I went out to dinner and then watched "There will be blood." It was actually really good, and not really any blood...
Today we are taking the babies to the park to play and then going out to dinner with Tony and Tiffanie. They live around the corner and we never see them! Although, it was Tony last weekend that was the voice behind the PS3 debacle!
Tomorrow - no plans! :)
The kitchen actually won't start until the 21st, but since Lee won't be in for dinner at all next week, I still won't really be cooking. Maybe I can try the Hungry Girl taco salad again... that was enormously satisfying! I will probably be a slim fast queen too - i need to get more serious about losing the weight I want to.

Off to play on this great sun-shiny day!

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The Riddle Family said...

Hooray for the loan finally closing! Glad to hear There Will be Blood was good, I will have to move it up on my netflix!